Kaza Maza


The best part about living in Montreal, is that you can find authentic cuisine from about any culture your mind can imagine. Some of my favourite food is Middle Eastern food, and though I can never recreate the complex and colourful flavours typical of these dishes, I can always depend on Kaza Maza to satisfy all my cravings.

Though Kaza Maza serves up middle eastern fare, their vast menu offers mainly Syrian and Lebanese dishes. Middle eastern culture focuses a lot on gatherings surrounding food and family (is there anything better?) and therefore most of the dishes are best for sharing. If you have never had middle eastern food, or are simply unfamiliar with the names of the dishes the staff is incredibly helpful if you are trying to navigate the menu.

My most recent visit to Kaza Maza was no short of outstanding. Among a group of girlfriends, we shared a few dishes; hummus kawarma, fattouche and tabbouleh salad, kibbe labinye and fattet makdous.

The hummus kawarma is delicious, it is not your typical hummus, rather this version is topped with ground lamb, a lemon sauce and nuts. This brings the very “typical” spread to a whole other level, making it extremely flavourful and interesting to the pallet. Though many of us have tasted tabbouleh and fattouche salad, these classics were undoubtedly some of the best I have ever tasted. Perfectly fresh and complimentary to the other dishes we had ordered. Kibbe labinye is one of my favourite dishes, this dish is simple but very flavourful. It is most comparable to a beef tartare mixed with spices and olive oil, and is meant to be eaten topped with more oil (yum!) and scooped up with pita. This may not be for everyone, but I promise it is DELICIOUS and easily my favourite. A new dish that I tried upon this visit was Fattet Makdous. This is an eggplant dish typical of Damascus, Syria. It is made by layering crispy flatbread, topped with a meat nut mixture and deep fried eggplants. Though heavy, it is topped with labneh (middle eastern yogurt) which makes the dish fresh and flavourful.

If you love middle eastern food, or even if you have never tried it and want to, Kaza Maza is the place to go. The dishes are authentic enough to satisfy connoisseurs, and the staff is friendly enough to help first timers pick dishes. This place is perfect for a gathering with friends, a date or even a new place to check out with family!

Kaza Maza

4629 Park Ave, Montreal, QC H2V 4E4


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