Katy Perry’s Moniker for Ex Russell Brand Reveals Secret Ties to Rasputin


Renowned actor Russell Brand and globally recognized singer Katy Perry, were previously united in matrimony between the years 2010 and 2011. Recently, it was revealed that the chart-topping singer had an intriguing moniker for her infamous ex-spouse.

In an interview conducted by Piers Morgan in 2013, Perry revealed she referred to the comedian as “Rasputin”, a name borrowed from the notorious Russian historical figure famed for his mastery in persuasion and seduction. Translated from Russian, the name resonates with the connotation of ‘debauched one’, creating a parallel to the influential figure, Grigori Rasputin, who left his mark on the Russian court in the 1900s.

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Katy Perry was quoted saying to Morgan, “You Brits are all the same, so damn confident … Trouble is, I find that irresistible. I love Brits … Well, not all of them – not Rasputin, obviously.”

Brand’s reaction to this intimate pet name could be described as tickled, as he responded, “He was a pretty powerful bloke, he could manipulate folk with his eyes. I like Rasputin… he was all right, wasn’t he… a mad monk with magical, mystical powers, having it off with everyone, drinking and getting into fights.”

The actor-comedian and the pop singer’s union lasted for a brief period of 14 months, commencing in October 2010 and ending in December 2011, when Brand allegedly ended their relationship via a text.

Brand’s reputation has more recently been stained by a joint investigation led by The Sunday Times, The Times of London and Channel 4’s Dispatches, accusing him of grave crimes involving rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse. Four victims have shared their alleged experiences which transpired between the years 2006 and 2013, coinciding with the apex of Brand’s fame, with one of the victims being a minor at the time of the assault.

Following these claims, Brand vehemently denied all allegations, asserting all his relations were consensual. A formal investigation is currently being carried out by the British police after they acknowledged receiving an official sexual assault accusation against Brand.

Meanwhile, Perry remains tight-lipped regarding her perspective on the accusations levied against her ex-husband. In a previous interview with Vogue in 2013, she admitted to bearing a self-imposed burden of responsibility for their divorce until she “found out the real truth” which she plans to keep under wraps “for a rainy day.”

The resurfaced interview has unveiled certain mysteries and engineered a fresh wave of speculation revolving around this real truth Perry might have been hinting toward.