Kamsack Residents Unite to Expel QAnon Convoy from Town


In a remarkable demonstration of community unity, residents of the Kamsack region joined forces to expel supporters of an extremist QAnon group. The incident was sparked by the sudden arrival of a convoy associated with a woman claiming to be the “Queen of Canada” on the main artery of the town.

Early Wednesday morning, the procession, consisting of eight vehicles, pulled into Kamsack center. Sherise Fountain, the community’s acting administrator, ventured out to meet the unsolicited guests.

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The arrival of the intruders greatly alarmed her. “It was rather disturbing and unnerving, particularly when they’re purporting to seize control of our town,” Fountain lamented.

The procession was led by a motorhome, carrying a woman asserting to be the Queen of Canada and the leader of the First Nations. This QAnon group, notorious for its extremist views, frequently critiques healthcare workers advocating for vaccination during the COVID-19 period.

Expressing her concern for the town’s safety, Fountain disclosed alarming information she had discovered about the group. “They pose a serious threat,” she commented. “They’ve issued online threats of violence towards healthcare professionals and firefighters, and this prompted a lockdown at our local hospital and clinic.”

A large number of Kamsack residents and members from nearby First Nations communities rallied against the extremist group, facing them with anger and determination. Almost 200 strong, they banished the convoy from their town.

Among the strong cries of the crowd, one resident was heard fiercely commanding the group to return from whence they came.

Despite the tense situation, Fountain confirmed that the situation was resolved peacefully. “The absence of violence was truly remarkable,” she said with admiration. “The swift action demonstrated by our community and our neighbours in the First Nations was extraordinary. We united to achieve a common goal – to rid our town of this group.”

Reflecting upon the incident, Fountain mused that the whole scene resembled to a song by the country artist Jason Aldean. Here tone lighter, she laughed, “All I could recall was Jason Aldean’s song, Try That In A Small Town. It epitomized exactly what unfolded. We congregated and safeguarded our community.”

Subsequent to their expulsion from Kamsack, the convoy was reported to have been spotted in the vicinity of Regina, caught on the outskirts of another small town.