Tragic death of West Island youth, Tristan Morrissette-Perkins inspires Ile Bizard artist to create


By Rhonda Massad

Last week, Ile Bizard artist Cindy Charles got an honorable mention for her latest Shift Art creation inspired by the tragic death of Dorval’s Tristan Morrissette-Perkins. Only weeks after graduating from John Rennie High School, Morrissette-Perkins of Dorval was killed last summer after he was struck by a Via Rail train while walking on a rail bridge just outside of Ottawa.

“The inspiration for this piece is, unfortunately, one of deep sadness and sorrow,” Charles explained in an interview. “In July 2017 our community lost a young, vibrant, hockey player in a tragic train accident. This hit home hard.”

Charles belongs to a photo artistry group called Shift Art where a recent contest challenged her to create a unique piece of art with 20-30 images. Shift Art or Photo Artistry is an exploding art medium that goes beyond photography. It pushes the boundaries of the imagination and allows one to create images that are not possible with conventional photography. She garnered an honorable mention.

“As it so happened, some of the images for the January challenge were hauntingly familiar,” Charles said. “A boy, train tracks, a bridge, water. I felt compelled and took it as a sign to create a memorable piece that would resonate with my friends, and whoever knew this lovely boy. To my surprise, I received an honorable mention.”

Charles just completed the artwork for a children’s book called The Worn Out Rainboot, written by her niece Lauren Conroy. She has been commissioned to do an album cover for an up and coming musical duo called the Better Half.

To see more of her work visit


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