Justice Glenn Joyal States That He Was Followed Home By A Private Investigator


Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Glenn Joyal said that he was followed home by a private investigator last week. He believes that the investigator’s job was to catch Joyal breaking COVID-19 rules.

The group representing multiple churches that fight public health orders in court has admitted that they have hired an investigator whose task was to follow Joyal and embarrass him. After Joyal said that he suspects something, the group admitted that they hired a private investigator. A lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms admitted that his organization has hired someone to follow the Justice.

Joyal said that he was being followed by a vehicle on July 8. It all happened when he was leaving the Manitoba law courts building in downtown Winnipeg. He also said that the investigator followed him home and had a young boy ring his doorbell in order to confirm that Joyal lives there.

Joyal said that this event won’t influence his decision in the case. Still, he believed that it would be fair to share it with the court.

“I am deeply concerned that this type of private investigative surveillance conduct could or would be used in any case involving any presiding judge in a high-profile adjudication,” Joyal said.


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