June Ethereum Options Indicate Rise Beyond $3,600, Traders Eye $6,500 Strike Price


The Ethereum (ETH) options for June hint towards an optimistic wave sweeping across traders. The focus rests on strike prices surpassing the $3,600 mark, leading many to perceive this as positive speculation regarding Ethereum’s forthcoming progress. Deribit’s data has been instrumental in spotting this trend, as it points towards traders placing their bets on calls that cross this hefty price bar. Among these hopeful wagers, $6,500 is emerging as the most popular strike price.

Exploring the world of options, these contracts confer traders with the privilege, not the compulsions, to either initiate a purchase (calls), or set up a sale (puts) of the desired asset at an agreed upon strike price, and that too, within a set expiry period. A call option is the weapon of choice for rightful optimists who see a profit opportunity in the prices of assets escalating. It empowers them to buy at a lower rate and sell later when the market price sees an upturn. Conversely, puts are the way to go for traders anticipating a drop in the asset’s price, since it offers them the chance to sell at the current rate and repurchase at a diminished value later.

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Currently, the Ethereum options market is leaning heavily towards calls. This proclivity has manifested itself in the form of aggregate open interest—a collective count of yet to be exercised contract options—which indicates a preference for higher strike prices.

Call options, especially those anticipating prices north of $3,600, hint at a significant market sector positioning itself on the prospect of Ethereum ascending to loftier heights by as soon as June’s close.

Deribit data reports that a staggering 622,636 Ethereum call contracts are on the verge of expiring by the conclusion of June. This enormous pile of contracts signifies an aggregate notional value exceeding a mind-boggling $1.8 billion, underlining the market’s unwavering faith in Ethereum’s potential for an uplift.

Further analysis reveals a concentration of open interest geared towards the $6,500 strike price, translating to a notional value of about $193 million. This skew directly reflects unmistakable trader assurance, offering much-needed support to Ethereum’s market price, particularly if these options get exercised when the asset price edges towards or crosses these proposed strike levels.

Despite the resolute optimism oozing from these options, Ethereum is presently wading through a somewhat slack period. It’s recorded a fall of 5.4% over the preceding week and a decrease of 2.2% in the past 24 hours alone, which has diminished its standing to less than $2,900. This slump puts a more substantial onus on forthcoming market provocations which have the potential to nudge ETH’s price significantly.

The impending US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) verdict on several applications for Ethereum-centric Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), slated for May 25th, is a key event to watch. Approval could trigger an influx of institutional investments into Ethereum, potentially propelling its price skywards. Conversely, a rejection could deflate the buoyant sentiment and lead to further fallbacks.

From a technical standpoint, Ethereum currently stands at the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level. This level is renowned in the bull market as it can often act as a springboard for upward price movements, bolstering the speculation that Ethereum might be bracing for a considerable price surge.