Judge Judy Launches Legal Battle against Media Giant Over Misleading Menendez Case Coverage


Television personality, “Judge Judy” Sheindlin rang the alarm bells of the legal arena this week, as she initiated proceedings against Accelerate360 Media – the conglomerate behind the National Enquirer and InTouch Weekly. The hard-hitting American jurist is waging war against what she perceives as defamatory journalism, claiming the publishers unscrupulously presented misleading facts about her role in advocating for a retrial of the infamous Menendez brothers.

The disputed article, titled “Inside Judge Judy’s Quest to Save the Menendez Brothers Nearly 35 Years After Their Parents’ Murder” was featured on InTouch Weekly’s digital platform on April 10. It subsequently found its way onto the pages of the National Enquirer, a connected print entity under Accelerate360’s expansive banner. The litigation paperwork was lodged in the Circuit Court of Collier County, Florida.

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At the heart of the conflict is the 1989 Menendez case, a scandalous instance of fraternal parricide which unfolded in Beverly Hills, California. The gruesome episode was the toast of the tabloids in its day, captivating the imaginations of crime zealots and gossip columnists alike for its grim narrative and its affluent backdrop.

Contrary to the narrative pedaled by the media outlets, Sheindlin vehemently denies contributing any public commentary on the notorious Menendez case over the years. Her legal representatives build a case suggesting that the publishers superimposed statements from an individual, identified as “Judi Ramos”, onto Sheindlin in their storytelling. Ramos, as the lawsuit accounts, served as an alternate juror during the original Menendez trial and voiced her perspectives on a Fox Nation docuseries.

The parent company, Accelerate360, has not yet released an official statement in response. The tabloid tycoon’s previously thwarted attempt to sell off the National Enquirer in the preceding year adds a layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

Sheindlin’s litigation refrained from specifying a particular figure in terms of damages. However, the famous ex-host of the syndicated “Judge Judy” (who now headlines “Judy Justice”) hinted at the hefty price tag tied to the lawsuit.

In an unequivocal statement, she declared, “When you fabricate stories about me in order to make money for yourselves with no regard for the truth or the reputation I’ve spent a lifetime cultivating, it’s going to cost you.” She continued with an unambiguous warning, “When you’ve done it multiple times, it’s unconscionable and will be expensive.”

Indeed, this is not Sheindlin’s first encounter with the notorious National Enquirer. Back in 2017, the tabloid printed a retraction, followed by an apology, for issuing unfounded stories alleging that she battled Alzheimer’s disease, suffered from depression, and violated the sanctity of her marital vows. The current court proceedings suggest the Judge is decisively drawing a line in the sand, signaling a stand against the persistent circulation of fabricated narratives, motivated by her unwavering dedication to justice.