Judge Greenlights Atlantic Avenue Narrowing


The cityscape of Atlantic City will soon experience a significant reshaping as a state judge has ruled in favor of the narrowing of Atlantic Avenue. Despite fierce opposition from several casinos and a local healthcare provider, the court found the arguments against the project insufficient to demonstrate irreversible detriment.

The judicial rejection of the appeal by five prominent Boardwalk casinos and the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center came as a blow to these establishments. They had contended that the reduction of Atlantic Avenue from a four-lane to a two-lane thoroughfare would exacerbate traffic woes, unflatteringly greeting visitors and potentially impeding swift access for emergency medical services.

In his decision, Superior Court Judge Michael Blee underscored that the mere inconvenience faced by residents and visitors fell short of the threshold for irreversible harm. The collective pleadings of Bally’s, Caesars, Hard Rock, Resorts, and Tropicana, rooted in concerns over tourism and public safety, were thus set aside.

Yet the city officials maintain their stance that a slimmer Atlantic Avenue symbolizes a stride towards pedestrian safety—a paramount concern buttressed by statistical data displaying pedestrian involvement in a substantial fraction of vehicle incidents on this major road.

With the sidewalks poised to expand and create a more accommodating pedestrian environment, local authorities are envisioning an urban space where foot traffic flows more freely, no longer forced to spill over onto the street.

The project, already in its embryonic phase and swiftly advancing towards completion, is part of a broader, contentious narrative involving the relationship between the city’s infrastructure and its influential casino sector. Those casinos lining the iconic Boardwalk, alongside AtlantiCare, have unambiguously expressed their dismay at the court’s decision, standing firm on their belief of potential ramifications for public well-being.

Looking forward, the legal battle over Atlantic Avenue is set to continue, with a comprehensive trial slated on the horizon, although the road’s transformation will likely be finalized well before the courtroom’s gavel next falls.

Legal precedents paint a complex picture of the tussles between the judiciary and the gaming industry, not least demonstrated by previous court rulings impacting financial dealings within the sector. It’s a saga reflective of the delicate balance between urban planning, commercial interests, and the overarching governance of such spaces by state authorities.

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