Judge Dismisses Bid to End Grant Program for Black Women Businesses


An Atlanta-based federal judge has dismissed the legal plea of a politically conservative group that sought to impede a Black women-owned venture capital firm from allocating grants strictly to Black women business founders. The American Alliance for Equal Rights (AAER) accused the Fearless Fund’s grant program of racial discrimination, positing that it violates the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

However, the debate was laid to rest by Judge Thomas Thrash, Jr., Senior U.S. District Judge of Northern District of Georgia. He repudiated the group’s bid for a preliminary injunction to cease the grant selection process. Jurisprudentially, Thrash adjudicated that the matter was one of free speech and charitable donations, which comes under the constitutional protection of the First Amendment.

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Fearless Fund’s fearless leader, Arian Simone, was relieved to find validation in the judge’s decision, interpreting it as a sign of progress and respect for freedom of expression. Yet, the dismissive reception in the court left the AAER despondent. Edward Blum, the founder of AAER, expressed this disappointment, underscoring what he feels is the importance of the civil rights laws not permitting racial distinctions based on over and underrepresentation in diverse pursuits.

Established in 2019, the Fearless Fund, tasked with dismantling obstructions that Black female entrepreneurs encounter in obtaining funds and resources for their budding businesses, was targeted by AAER for a grant contest that solely rewards Black women up to $20,000. Of its founders, Arian Simone estimated that despite Black women forming the bulk of small business owners, they receive the least funding compared to other groups.

This legal tussle drew the attention of civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton who stood in solidarity with Simone and Ayana Parsons, his co-founder. Sharpton elucidated that he believes this lawsuit extends beyond the Fearless Fund, or even corporate America, touching upon the larger issue of racial discrimination and progress within the country. Parsons echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the attempt to dismantle economic progress and inclusion.

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To navigate the industrial landscape and secure their rightful place at the table, businesses, entrepreneurs, and players alike must stay informed. As the legal case of the Fearless Fund continues to unfurl in the Northern District, it’s clear that the fight for representation, equality, and innovative progress isn’t over. These stories remind us of the challenges and opportunities that lie in the path towards a more equitable economy and society.