Judge Denies Travis Scott’s Plea to Dismiss Astroworld Lawsuits


The gears of justice continue to grind in Houston where a state district judge, Kristen Hawkins, has refused to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits lodged against the famed rapper, Travis Scott. These lawsuits stem from the deadly 2021 Astroworld festival that rocked the nation, claiming 10 lives in a nightmarish crowd surge.

Despite fervent pleas from Scott’s lawyers seeking to extricate their client and his touring and production company, XX Global from the case, Judge Hawkins firmly dismissed the request in a terse one-page order made public just this Wednesday, although it had been signed the day before.

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Scott’s attorneys had previously built a defense around their client’s negligible role in the event -one they claimed was absent of responsibility for safety planning or potential hazard prevention at the heart-stopping Nov. 5, 2021, concert.

The attorneys maintained that the “Highest in the Room” singer’s responsibilities were restricted squarely to the realm of creativity encompassing performances and marketing efforts for the festival. Yet, their defense fell on unconvinced ears.

Madison Dubiski, a vibrant 23-year-old, was tragically counted among the ten lives cut short that fateful night. Noah Wexler, the attorney at her family’s helm, emphatically pushed back against Scott’s defense. He painted a damning picture of Scott – legally known as Jacques Bermon Webster II. Wexler asserted that Scott demonstrated a “conscious disregard for safety,” even going as far to spur ticketless fans to defy barriers and ignoring explicit orders from festival organizers to halt the concert amidst escalating crowd injuries – and even deaths.

In a notable development earlier in the month, Judge Hawkins did see fit to dismiss lawsuits against other figures involved in the concert, including the high-profile Canadian rapper Drake.

The heartfelt proceedings of Dubiski’s family set a precedent as they are scheduled to be the first claim to go to trial on May 6. In the legal tide that has since swept up Scott and concert promoter Live Nation, families of lost loved ones and numerous injured attendees hope to find solace and justice.

This catastrophic event drew the attention of the Houston Police Department, who diligently conducted an investigation, although no criminal charges were brought against Scott. A grand jury further cemented this stance by declining to indict Scott as well as five other individuals on any criminal counts connected to the fatal concert night.

The causes of death for those lost at Astroworld – who spanned an age range from just 9 to 27 – were attributed to compression asphyxia, a term an expert chillingly compared to the pressure of being crushed by a vehicle.

Through the heartbreak, selected lawsuits filed by the families of the deceased and hundreds of injured attendees have reached settlements, some of them notably brought forward by the families of four of the victims.