Judge Backs Black Women-Led Venture Capital in Discrimination Row


An Atlanta-based federal judge recently rejected an injunction sought by a conservative group, the American Alliance for Equal Rights (AAER), aimed at stopping a Black women-led venture capital firm from providing grants exclusively to Black women entrepreneurs.

Notably, AAER took issue with the Fearless Fund’s grant program, arguing it constituted racial discrimination under the 1866 Civil Rights Act. However, Senior U.S. District Judge Thomas Thrash, Jr. based in Northern District of Georgia counter-argued, maintaining the situation encapsulated matters of free speech, and charitable donations are a First Amendment concern.

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Fearless Fund’s co-founder and CEO, Arian Simone, expressed her gratitude towards the ruling, reflecting on the pivotal role of laws in fostering progress and safeguarding freedom of speech. AAER, unmistakably disappointed by the court’s decision, appealed to the verdict promptly.

The contention brought forth by AAER is hinged on the viewpoint that this instance of racial distinction resulted from imbalances in representation across racial groups in various industries, as per Edward Blum, AAER’s founder. Blum, a well-known conservative activist, had formerly contested affirmative action policies in college admissions at the Supreme Court level.

Established in 2019, the Fearless Fund in Atlanta aims to dismantle obstacles Black women encounter while seeking resources and funding for their businesses. The fund operates a distinct non-profit organization, the Fearless Foundation, to provide donations and grants to women of color entrepreneurs, as stated by Ayana Parsons, co-founder and COO of the Fearless Fund.

Evidently perturbed by the funding disparity facing Black women- the societal group that constitutes the majority of small business owners but receives minimal funding-Simone emphasizes the need for entities like the Fearless Fund. This need was further illustrated with reference to Fearless Foundation’s Strivers Grant Contest, a scheme that was recently targeted by AAER for being exclusively for Black women entrepreneurs.

Judge Thrash comprehended that the Fearless Fund was drawing attention to the lack of access to capital funds for Black women-an issue they are addressing proactively. Conflict arose when the AAER pushed for a divergent narrative to be expressed about the issue. Post hearing, AAER’s attorneys withheld comments.

The proceedings have also garnered the attention of respected civil rights activist and leader Rev. Al Sharpton, who perceives the unfolding events as an extension of the affirmative action disputes beyond school precincts. In his view, DEI initiatives across corporate America could be impacted significantly by the case, possibly inviting future lawsuits targeting race-conscious diversity programs.

Fearless Fund’s co-founders, Parsons and Simone, were accompanied by Sharpton as they addressed the crowd after the court proceedings. Parsons emphasized that the lawsuit reverberates beyond the Fearless Fund and corporate America. She stressed that this represented an effort to erode the economic freedom and progress materializing in the country. She asserted, “This is about anything that is race-conscious decision-making and trying to include those that have long been excluded.”

The Fearless Foundation’s significant contributions were reflected in the experience of Black business owner, Sophia Danner-Okotie, who received a $10,000 grant from the Foundation, after being unable to secure a bank loan despite promising opportunities.

The Fearless Fund status is far from resolution. Despite thwarting the preliminary injunction to halt the grant program, the case continues in the Northern District.

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