Journalist Isa Balado Assaulted on Live TV: Suspect Arrested Amid Public Outrage


Prominent journalist Isa Balado became an unfortunate victim of a wholly objectionable act during a live telecast about a burglary in Madrid. The incident led to the arrest of a man who was accused of sexually assaulting Balado, with allegations that he had touched the reporter inappropriately on air. The man, upon being confronted, refuted Balado’s claims.

The live broadcast found itself under unusual interruption when the host, Nacho Abad, chose to address the unfolding incident. The notable television personality inquired from Balado if she had just been touched unsuitably by the unidentified man. On receiving affirmation from Balado, Abad requested the camera focus to shift onto the man who in the meantime continued to retain an inappropriate hint of laughter and smile.

In a professional retort to the man’s unacceptable behavior, Balado questioned his intentions. Striving to maintain the dignity of her work amidst the unpleasantness, she reminded him that she was live on air. Undeterred by Balado’s reproach, the man not only negated all allegations but also attempted to tickle her before making his exit.

Following the incident, the man was apprehended by the police on charges of assaulting Balado during her live broadcast. The information was shared on X, a social media platform previously known as Twitter.

Mediaset Espana, the news channel that employs Balado, condemned the incident extensively, expressing support for their reporter. The channel iterated its position against all forms of harassment, terming the incident involving Balado as “absolutely intolerable.”

The incident also found vocal criticism from Yolanda Díaz, Spain’s Labor Minister. Asserting that such incidents deserved punishment, the minister highlighted the misogynistic predispositions that lead to journalists enduring such sexual assaults. She further criticized the offender’s lack of remorse in her statements shared on X.

This event adds to the ongoing wave of sexism-related controversy in Spain. The previous scandal involved the former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales and his inappropriate conduct with World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso. Rubiales’s unsolicited kiss during the Women’s World Cup final had resulted in widespread disapproval, his eventual resignation, and a legal admonition over allegations of sexual assault and coercion.


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