John Cena Announces Retirement with Epic Farewell Tour Planned in 2025


In an announcement that instilled a wave of melancholy within the hearts of WWE fans, John Cena, the multitalented wrestler-turned-actor, declared his impending retirement from professional wrestling on Saturday night. As the news rolled off Cena’s tongue, the echo of disappointment was palpable within the jam-packed arena in Toronto. Lifelong devotees of Cena reacted with audible dismay, as the star revealed that the upcoming 2025 season would mark his final foray into the wrestling realm after two spectacular decades of unforgettable performances.

Nevertheless, Cena, who radiates charisma and larger-than-life aura, vowed to conclude his career in grand style. He unveiled plans for a remarkable farewell tour, teasing dozens of gripping encounters, climaxing with one grandiose, epic final showdown. He also sought to reassure his devotees that, despite his retreat from the ring, he would continue to remain closely associated with the wrestling franchise that ignited his career and made John Cena a household name.

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Casting an emotional glance at his thousands of fans amassed in the buzzing stadium, Cena expressed his heartfelt gratitude, remarking, “Thank you so much for letting me play in the house that you built for so many years.”

In a subsequent news conference held following the major announcement, Cena reflected on the physical demands of wrestling. He candidly shared he feels “at my end,” yet maintained he harbored no intentions of severing ties with the sport that has always stirred his passion.

Earning his place in the pantheon of WWE greats, Cena secured 16 WWE championship reigns, emerging from under the radar in the early 2000s as the crowd-pleasing “Doctor of Thuganomics.” Portraying a rapper infused with attitude, Cena, adorned with gold chains and a trademark backward hat, would challenge his adversaries to intense rap battles. This intriguing persona was just one among many diverse characters Cena brought to life in the ring, as well as on the silver screen.

Beyond the bustling excitement of wrestling, Cena’s talents also found a second home in Hollywood. Displaying a commendable versatility in performing arts, Cena shouldered pivotal roles in movies such as “Blockers” and “The Suicide Squad.” His acting prowess was further showcased in the adrenaline-filled “Fast & Furious” franchise, the comedy thriller “Argylle,” and the box office sensation “Barbie,” underlining John Cena’s enduring appeal in more than one world.