Joey Chestnut Favorite to Win International Hot Dogs Eating Contest


There is nothing sure in sports betting, but Joey Chestnut will close his 14th victory in the famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest on 4th July.

Betting on non-sports competitions like eating remains limited at legal sportsbooks in the US. However, in states like New Hampshire, Colorado, and New Jersey sportsbooks are permitted to offer odds on such events.

During this year’s Independence Day, the hot dog showdown will be broadcasted live on ESPN television. Oddsmakers will have a chance to offers odds in the contest. Chestnut, a 37-year-old five-time defending champion, has the highest chance of winning. That represents a 97.09 percent chance of winning, and a gambler will need to stake $3, 335 to win $100.

In 2020, Chestnut set a new record for the dogs and buns consumed in the ten minutes completion. Chestnut consumed 75 dogs and was just one more from his 2018 record.

Since 2007, Chestnut has lost once to Matthew Stonie in 2015 with 60 hot dogs and Matthew 62 dogs. The weather looks ideal for the Sunday competition at Coney Island. DraftKings is offering the over/under 73.5 dogs Chestnut will eat.

On the women’s side, Mitchelle Lesco is my favorite. Miki Sudo, the winner of the last seven Nathan’s hot dog contests is out of the contest. She is pregnant with her first child. Lesco is a favorite on DraftKings.

DraftKings released a statement noting that Nathan’s hot dog competition is generating considerable handle for the sportsbook. The 2020 competition was a novel non-sport event on DraftKings, only slightly behind the Academy Award.


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