Joe Jonas Files for Divorce from Actress Sophie Turner After Four Years


In a unexpected turn of events, musician Joe Jonas submitted a request for the dissolution of his four year marriage to actress Sophie Turner to the Miami Dade County Court. According to the disclosed court documents, the marriage has been identified as “irretrievably broken”, pointing towards a decidedly complex and turbulent parting of ways.

Jonas, age 34, is famously remembered as a member of the successful pop band, the Jonas Brothers. His 27-year-old spouse, Sophie Turner, is an internationally acclaimed actress known for her impactful role in the fantasy drama series, ‘Game of Thrones’. It is alleged that Turner’s fondness for socializing and late-night outings contributed significantly to the discord within their relationship.

Indications of the hostility extending beyond a personal capacity emerged when Jonas deleted the vast majority of his Instagram photos featuring Turner, and reportedly enlisted the services of renowned celebrity attorney Tom Sasser- who is remembered for representing golfing legend Tiger Woods during his high-profile divorce.

Enlightening TMZ on the private life of the couple, a source disclosed the discordant lifestyles of the pair. Jonas, they shared, favored a quiet, humble life at home, whilst Turner enjoyed an evidently more extravagant and social lifestyle. The abrupt announcement of their divorce allegedly comes at the end of a turbulent six months of conflicts and troubles.

The decision to file for divorce is described as a ‘last resort’ for Jonas, who reportedly has been struggling with feelings of unhappiness for several months. Starting their romance in 2016, Jonas and Turner held their nuptial ceremony in an extravagant spectacle in the South of France in July 2019.

The source added that Jonas did not want to disrupt his family life, but felt obliged to shepherd and protect his daughters in what he considered the best way possible. The marital problems allegedly had been escalating throughout the year, to the point where Jonas felt he had exhausted all attempts in salvaging the relationship.

Sightings of Jonas still wearing his wedding ring during a Texas show two days before the announcement of the divorce fueled rumors that the marriage was in jeopardy. However, just three weeks prior, the couple was seemingly in a jovial mood during a Jonas Brothers concert in New York, where Turner was seen serenaded, and publically praised her husband on Instagram.

Court documents revealed that for most part of their separation, the couple’s daughters – three-year-old Willa, and a one-year-old (whose name has been withheld) – have been residing predominantly with Jonas in Miami, with casual references to ‘other locations throughout the United States’. The musician is seeking shared parental responsibility going forward.

Divorce filings also outlined the couple’s prenuptial agreement, signifying that Jonas would retain all royalties from the music he wrote with his brothers- Nick and Kevin- in both the Jonas Brothers and his previous band, DNCE. Meanwhile, Turner will retain her earnings from her role in ‘Game of Thrones’ and residuals from her acting career.

As for their shared real estate, it has been reported that the couple sold their Miami home in August and profited by about $4 million after purchasing the property in 2021. However, there have been no revelations about their current residences or any shared properties.

Turner and Jonas have yet to make any public comments regarding their divorce.

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