Jennifer Lopez’s High-Profile Vegas Residency Negotiations Stall Over Underwhelming Album Response


Negotiations for a high-profile Las Vegas residency for pop superstar Jennifer Lopez, slated to commence early next year, have hit a stumbling block. Reports emerging from the New York Post suggest that an underwhelming response to her new album and forthcoming summer tour have largely quelled the initial momentum of the deal, casting a shadow over J.Lo’s professional journey as she navigates personal challenges.

Talks were ongoing between MGM Resorts and Live Nation Entertainment for a robust contract involving 90 performances across the span of the residency, taking place in the Park Theater at the MGM Grand—an impressive 5200-seat capacity venue. The rewards were tentatively pegged at an eye-watering $90 million, now in jeopardy due to what some label a lackluster public response to her latest work.

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Her new album, ominously titled, “This is Me … Now”, has been met with lukewarm sales, marking an unfavorable milestone as the worst-selling in her illustrious career. Similarly, low demand forced seven shows on her prospective concert tour— spread across major cities such as Cleveland, Nashville, Raleigh, Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, and Houston— to be axed quietly. Even her upcoming Vegas concert in July 20th at the T-Mobile Arena has faced obstacles, with a third of the 19,500 seats remaining vacant, as stated by Ticketmaster. These numbers, an insider reveals, have made the MGM executives “very nervous.”

The initial offer of $1 million per show took its roots in Lopez’s previous successful 130-date residency at the Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater. That final run in 2018 established a fresh box-office record of $1.17 million at the venue, injecting Lopez into the glittering annals of Vegas history as the fastest performer to amass $100 million in ticket sales.

Historically, Lopez received approximately $500K per show for her two-year long illustrious residency. This input aligns with the current payouts to Mariah Carey by MGM and the remuneration received by Celine Dion for her back-to-back residencies at Caesars Palace.

Despite the underwhelming reception her current projects have received, it should be clarified that Lopez’s track record is an impressive one. However, MGM’s premier payouts are currently going to fellow pop sensations, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, both of whom enjoy double of Lopez’s erstwhile payment.

The reigning holder of the top pay-per-show remains pop giant Adele, who received a staggering $2 million per show at Caesars Palace, with her residency scheduled to wrap up on June 15th.

According to a February report by Britain’s The Mirror, the original offer to J. Lo was $800K per residency show. This number rose to $875K when Resorts World, backed by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), joined the fray. The counteroffer pushed MGM to raise their bid in order to remain in contention.

Presently, though, informed sources postulate that a Lopez residency is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $600K to $650K, with a significantly reduced number of shows. Neither representatives for Lopez nor those for MGM have not publicly commented on the conjecture.

These professional challenges for Lopez run parallel to personal struggles. The glamorous actress and singer has been grappling with challenges in her marriage to actor Ben Affleck. The power couple tied the knot in a quaint ceremony hosted by the fabled Little White Chapel in Vegas, reigniting a romance that had ended in 2004. Presently, however, their marriage is reportedly on shaky ground. Through the challenges, Lopez’s legion of fans continue to hope for a turnaround for the beloved superstar, professionally and personally.

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