Jenna Coleman Stars in Amazon Prime Adaptation of Beverley Jones’ Thriller, Wilderness.


In her thrilling new TV series, Jenna Coleman is set to command the screen while the melodies of Taylor Swift flow from the speakers. Wilderness, a novel penned by Beverley Jones, is pulsing with life as it makes the audacious leap from book to the silver screen.

Years of penning riveting crime stories, combined with her experience as a journalist and police press officer, have crafted Jones into a skilled author. Her intricate pieces came together to construct a tantalizing thriller with unexpected hooks that set it apart from the rest. Now, Wilderness is set to claim its rightful place among the trove of gripping content available on Amazon Prime Video from this Friday onwards.

On the brink of hanging up her writer’s hat, Jones received a life-altering phone call in 2019, while nestled in her home workspace. Writing under the pseudonym B.E. Jones, she considered retiring from her passion project, already several books in, to re-enter the monotony of a nine-to-five job. Existing solely on a writer’s earnings had proved challenging, and pressing matters like a mortgage nudged her towards retirement – until that fateful phone call arrived.

News that Wilderness, her sixth of seven books, was destined for adaption as a television series, seemed like a whirlwind dream come true, but Jones was wary. Aware of the significant delays that could potentially tumble such projects into stagnation, she hesitated to celebrate early. But then, the crew at Firebird Films, who seized the rights to her novel, displayed an unexpected eagerness and outlined a roadmap for the project. As the global pandemic shadowed the world, Amazon Prime Video stepped in to uphold the project.

As the cast for Wilderness was curated and filming began, Jones’ brilliant narrative blossomed further under the meticulous adaptation by Marnie Dickens. Jenna Coleman, a spectacular actress and former Doctor Who Star, was chosen to portray Olivia, a woman drowning in betrayal upon her husband’s infidelity. Burned in the furnace of her pain, Olivia – venturing on a healing road trip – seeks to mend her broken heart and pursue justice.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen masters the complex character of Will, the husband seeking redemption. The cast also includes Ashley Benson and Clare Rushbrook, well-known for their compelling performances in Pretty Little Liars and Inside No.9, respectively. The narrative is further enriched with Taylor Swift’s hit number ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ echoing through the opening credits.

Shaken by the tribulating experiences of her past job roles and a childhood immersed in fantasy and storytelling, Jones has nurtured the artistry of bringing dark narratives to life. Her journey into publishing began with her first book, Telling Stories in 2012. Following which, Jones rode the wave of opportunity and inked several books to keep her dream alive.

The spotlight on Wilderness invariably catapulted her into a whirlwind of excitement. A world away from her quiet decades in journalism, now she basks in the overwhelming realization of seeing her novel on the convoys of a bustling city. Standing at the helm of such a grand project, Jones delights in the fact that Jenna’s character in the series remains true to her original Welsh roots. In fact, she reassured that if the casting went awry and failed to capture the true Welsh essence of Olivia, she would prefer her onscreen character not to be Welsh at all.


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