Jellyverse DeFi Platform to Diversify Offerings with Sei Network Integration


Jellyverse, an innovative platform in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi), is poised to integrate its services with the up-and-coming Sei Network, slated for a mainnet release in mere weeks. This partnership represents an official branching from Jellyverse’s existing partnership with the Balancer platform. With the inclusion of the Sei Network, users of Jellyverse will have unprecedented access to high-speed transactions coupled with the perk of minimal fees.

The much-anticipated launch of Jellyswap, Jellyverse’s proprietary decentralized exchange, is set to occur within the Sei ecosystem. This new introduction strives to offer pioneering DeFi 3.0 capabilities to its users, living up to the sophisticated services provided by the well-received Balance platform. Jellyswap, by capitalizing on Balancer’s infrastructure, is introducing a plethora of pool designs, including those weighted with up to eight tokens and others, such as the highly correlated assets, stablecoins, and token pools. This bold variety of pool options aims to revitalize the trading experience on the groundbreaking DeFi protocol.

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On top of these promising changes, Jellyverse has also unveiled plans for JellyStake, a staking service designed to generate real-yield rewards for stakers and mandate a fully decentralized governance model. The launch of this Balancer-supported protocol seeks to pave the way for fresh DeFi ecosystem – DeFi 3.0 – an enthralling merger of Sei Network’s speed, scalability, and low-cost fee structure with a revolutionary trading framework.

Lipman, Balancer’s esteemed Business Development Lead, shared the company’s collective excitement over this novel partnership with Jellyverse and their unified push towards radical Defi ingenuity on Sei. He asserts that this binding leverage of the Balancer protocol and Sei’s atypical infrastructure will empower the skilled Jellyverse team to present unique user opportunities and secure its place as a cornerstone of Sei’s DeFi ecosystem.

Meanwhile, traditional finance assets, a notoriously difficult-to-integrate element, are set to gain a revolutionary solution through Jellyverse’s vanguard DeFi 3.0. Jellyverse proposes a way for users to engage with cryptocurrency and synthetic copies traditional assets through this groundbreaking platform. These synthetic tokens will echo the value of any chosen real-world asset from stocks, precious metals, ETFs, commodities, and others, enabling DeFi users to cost-effectively and conveniently trade said assets on the platform.

This development coincides with the entry of established financial players like Blackrock into the digital and cryptocurrency realm, precipitating a shift to physically-backed tokenized assets. Given the superior throughput made possible by the Sei Network, Jellyverse catapults users into a realm of quick-fire transactions and efficient real-world asset trading.

In selecting the Sei Network as their preferred blockchain, the team considered the efficiency and overall performance of its EVM landscape, as well as its eco-friendly model. And with the forthcoming introduction of Sei Network version 2.0, users will be privy to a fast block time and low transaction fees, enabling JellySwap to thrive successfully.

In tandem with Jellyverse’s establishment on the Sei Network, the DeFi platform will launch JellySwap, accommodating the Jelly Token. This non-custodial platform aims to simplify portfolio management for consumers, while serving as liquidity providers and earning them $JLY rewards.

Jellyverse also ventured into launching JellyStake, a decentralized staking protocol designed for users to stake their JLY tokens, increasing rewards as well as voting power. The platform’s ecosystem will be propelled and sustained by its stakers and corresponding protocol-related fees.

Furthermore, Jellyverse disclosed the launch of jAssets which are user-created tokens, backed by cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins to reflect real-time prices of traditional assets and real-world assets. This offering allows users to obtain exposure to traditional assets, facilitating diversification of their portfolios. Last but not least, To promote wider adoption of their platform, Jellyverse has confirmed that it will distribute up to 1.7 million $JLY tokens to over 30,000 participants through an airdrop. This thriving move will reward participants with up to 1,000 $JLY tokens for their social engagement through platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Discord, and Telegram.