Jeanette Zacarias Zapata Wasn’t Fit To Fight, Father Says


An 18-year-old Mexican boxer who succumbed to injuries this week after a local fight should not been in the boxing ring to start with, her father says.

Boxer Jeanette Zacarias Zapata chose to go on with the fight, this came out during an interview her father, Esteban Zacarias, had with a local media in Mexico.

She had received a significant blow to her head in a previous match for which she needed surgery, the father said.

However, her family wasn’t able to convince her not to take part in the Montréal bout, Zacarias said.

Her condition wasn’t known to organizers of the Montréal match. She lost the match to Quebecer Marie-Pier Houle, fell unconscious, and was rushed to hospital, where she passed Thursday.

Vincent Morin, of Groupe Yvon Michel, said they did their best to verify her health status as is the case before a match. They realized there was information they had not been given during the father’s interview.

He speculated that its possible her documents had been forged, and are now going through her medical records to find out why the coach let her take part in the fight.

The coroner stated they would investigate the case, but the findings will come out in the next few months.

Local media in Mexico reported that she had been knocked unconscious in another fight, after which doctors declared her unfit to fight, buts not clear what it is that doctors found.

The father described their horror as they saw they child get knocked out from mile away.

The hospital where she was rushed to, Sacre-Coeur, had called the family asking to have her operated to relive cranial pressure and drain blood that was causing her distress.

The father asked that they wait as she would stabilize, which she did, so the hospital would not have to go under after all. But her blood pressure was unstable, which concerned doctors. She passed away the next day.


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