Jane Technologies to provide e-commerce solutions to the Canadian Cannabis Business


High Tide (NASDAQ: HITI), Canadian largest cannabis retail this week has entered into a partnership with Jane technologies. High Tide will incorporate Jane’s e-commerce solutions that include; e-commerce software across Canadian provinces and the U.S. market where cannabis is legal.

Jane’s turnkey e-commerce platform includes inventory optimization, digital merchandising, verified product reviews, headless e-commerce solutions, and curated content directly from brands. Commenting on the partnership, Jane Technologies CEO Socrates Rosenfeld said that entering the Canadian market was a natural step as many retailers in the U.S. chooses Jane to power their e-commerce.

“Most of the largest enterprise retailers in the U.S. choose Jane to power their e-commerce operations, so expanding into the Canadian market with High Tide was a natural step for us.”

Socrates added that the company wants to help High Tide and other Canadian businesses realize their full online potential. The company provides an automatic machine learning platform that simplifies e-commerce by coming up with solutions that reduce the burden of integrations.

“We’re excited to empower High Tide and other Canadian partners with a digital infrastructure that can help them realize the full potential of their online business.”


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