James Packer Accused in Casino Staff Assault Case


In a dramatic turn of events, the omnipotent aura that once surrounded former Crown Resorts magnate James Packer has found itself entwined in legal discord. Packer stands accused by Dr. Iskandar Chaban, a seasoned security professional, who alleges that the billionaire physically and verbally assaulted him during an unfortunate incident in 2016 at the Crown Melbourne casino.

An altercation arose when Chaban, meticulous in his duty, failed to recognize Packer, mistaking him for a potentially inebriated guest, warranting denial of entry. This perceived snub triggered Packer’s fury, igniting a storm of verbal malice and a jarring physical confrontation where Chaban bore the brunt—a push to the chest.

The ripples of this clash extended into the courtrooms, leading to a pecuniary settlement, devoid of admission, crafted on the premise of rectifying the alleged transgressions. Packer and Crown Resorts pledged $100,000 in conciliation to Chaban, alongside coverage for the burden of his legal expenditures.

Yet, the closure promised by this agreement hangs in precarity, as Chaban brings to light a breach in this settlement. With an outstanding invoice of $185,000 in legal fees coupled with $77,000 in pursuit of litigation, none of which he claims have been honored, Chaban stands at a crossroads of unresolved justice.

Undoubtedly, the imposing figure of Packer, who parted ways with his controlling interest in Crown Resorts for an astounding $3.3 billion in 2022, was prominent—a presence indicative of success, influence, and the dazzling lifestyle one might associate with such stature. Not least emphasized by his amorous linkage to pop diva Mariah Carey, adding a luminescent veneer to Packer’s high-flying existence.

The confrontation, and subsequent legal wrangling, has had a profound impact on Chaban. Amid the onslaught of managerial inquisition and derisory treatment proceeding the altercation, Chaban emerged with not just physical afflictions, but psychological scarring manifesting as PTSD—a battle far beyond the casino floors.

The Victorian Supreme Court beckons both parties into the realm of mediation, eyeing resolution or renewed strife. While Crown Resorts articulately denies any breach of the settlement terms, the impending court decision looms with the gravity of finality.

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