Jake Virtanen Faces Lawsuit Accusing Him Of Sexual Misconduct


A female resident of Victoria is seeking reprieve in the corridors of justice after she filed a lawsuit against Jake Virtanen, Canucks Forward, accusing the player of sexual misconduct at a hotel in West Vancouver four years ago.

The alleged incident took place in one of the rooms in the hotel.

Based on court records, the complainant, named M.S, met the forward at Calgary’s Stampede around July on 2017 and the two were in constant communication that summer.

The lawsuit says Virtanen asked M.S to meet with him after she got to Vancouver for a short photo session and to see friends on the 26th of September, 2017. Then, she was young, the lawsuit claims but does not divulge how old she was then.

The court documents detail that he went and picked M.S from the friend’s place, North Vancouver, and took her to the hotel, where he, in various instances, groped and touch her inappropriately. She says he ignored her pleas that she wasn’t interested in sex.

These allegations have not been proven in court, and the forward hasn’t come out to defend himself.

Local media reached out to his agents and team in order to get hold of Virtanen so that he can issue a response to the allegations.

Before M.S went to court, Virtanen refused to offer his reaction to the claim.

He was placed on leave as his team investigates the matter.


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