Jade’s Law: Campaign Victory Strips Custody Rights from Convicted Killers


At the tender age of 27, Jade Ward was brutally stabbed and strangled within the confines of her own home in Shotton, Flintshire, by her estranged husband, Russell Marsh. The tragic incident occurred in 2021, shaking her family and friends and capturing national attention. Remembered as “beautiful, caring, funny and loving” by her mother, Jade’s loss has been deeply felt by those who loved her.

In her name and in the wake of her death, a fundamental change in parental rights laws has occurred, which has brought a semblance of joy to her grieving family. The amendment aims to strip parental rights from individuals like Marsh, who was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak acknowledged the significance of this change, calling it a necessary step in response to a terrible crime. Under the old laws, convicted killers such as Marsh still had the right to be consulted on decisions concerning their children – a painful injustice Jade’s family had to endure. With the introduction of Jade’s Law, Mr. Sunak pressed the importance of this reform.

Jade’s mother, Karen Robinson, expressed her relief and gratitude towards the outpouring of support she received throughout her struggle to bring about Jade’s Law. “Knowing that he had rights and he was sending messages through his lawyer, making it known he’s still around and still in control, was horrible,” she bitterly recalled.

The tireless campaign for Jade’s Law involved countless individuals who signed the petition, offered kind words, and showed their support in various ways. Mrs. Robinson praised their effort, stating that her daughter’s tragic death couldn’t have been in vain and that she was optimistic about the lives saved through this new law.

Despite Marsh’s life sentence, he persistently plagued the Ward family by demanding photographs and school reports. Edwin Duggan, a close family friend and ardent campaigner for Jade’s Law, expressed joy, shock, and disbelief upon hearing this news due to previous refusals.

The initiative to change the law received an overwhelming response, gaining more than 130,000 signatures, which led to a parliamentary debate. July witnessed the first attempt of introducing an amendment to suspend killers’ parental rights, which was unfortunately declined by MPs.

The much-needed reform was eventually welcomed by the Ministry of Justice, who acknowledged existing legislation to disempower a parent convicted of killing their partner. They expressed keen interest in further solidifying this protection. Justice Secretary Alex Chalk promised to introduce Jade’s Law later on, claiming that the campaign uncovered a gross injustice in the system.

The freshly-minted legislation ensures that the custody rights of killer parents will be automatically suspended. It alleviates the burden on family members required formerly to appeal to the family court for the removal of these rights. However, an exemption exists for parents with a history of domestic abuse who kill their partners.

This promising stride towards justice will be introduced to parliament as part of the Victims and Prisoners Bill before this year ends. The enduring legacy left by Jade, a beautiful soul who lost her life to a brutal act, is a beacon of hope and justice for countless families in the future.


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