Jacksonville Officers Escape Disciplinary Action in Rough Drug-Related Apprehension, Ignites Public Outrage


The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has announced that no disciplinary action will be taken against the officers implicated in a controversial, rough apprehension of a drug-related suspect, inciting public indignation.

Following thorough evaluation of all currently available information, the Sheriff’s Office is confident that the involved detectives acted in accordance with legal stipulations and the policies of JSO, affirmed Sheriff TK Waters during a Monday evening press briefing.

The suspect in question, Le’Keian Woods, currently on felony probation owing to a robbery charge, was pulled over on suspicions of drug-related activities. Following the stop, Woods made an attempt to escape, only to be ejected from running by a police officer’s taser, which sent him face-first onto the road.

Per a police account, Woods started to fiercely resist as officers attempted to detain him. Woods channeled his resistance into hiding his right hand near his waistline, instigating an officer to deliver three elbow strikes onto Woods’ right eye area.

Sheriff Waters disclosed that the implicated officers remain on active duty. Public uproar ensued when a six-and-a-half minute witness video of the incident, acquired and released by Woods’ attorney, Harry Daniels, began circulation.

As verified by CNN, the witness video presents multiple officers, in normal police wear and plain clothing with police vests, struggling to restrain Woods. At least one officer can be seen forcibly wresting Woods onto the ground.

Subsequent to the scuffle, the video depicts a visibly bruised and swollen Woods. His swollen eyes are fixed closed, his chin scratches visibly, and his bottom lip is severely cut. This visible assault is quite indicative of a strong altercation as evidenced by Woods’ defense attorney, Harry Daniels.

Daniels commented on the shocking state of Woods’ injuries, comparing it to the aftermath of a vicious boxing match. He is grateful that, under such circumstances, Woods managed to escape with his life.

Woods was found with a semi-automatic handgun, cocaine and other substances at the time of his arrest. This discovery was made after undercover detectives reported observing him allegedly engaging in a drug exchange at a local gas station. Despite facing charges of resisting officers with violence alongside several drug-related charges, Woods’ lawyer informed CNN that the firearm pertained to another passenger in the vehicle and was officially registered under that individual’s name. He deems the drug charges being leveled against his client to be severely exaggerated.

Daniels announced plans to join Woods’ family at a press briefing slated for Tuesday in Jacksonville, where he’ll respond to the most recently shared information from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.


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