Ivana Andres Receives Apology for Accidental Merit Mix-Up by National Sports Council


The National Sports Council of Spain has expressed deep remorse for erroneously bestowing the accolade intended for world-cup winning captain, Ivana Andres, upon social media influencer Ivana Icardi. The Spanish government had aimed to celebrate the tremendous World Cup achievement of their national team via the prestigious Royal Order of Sports Merit.

The recipients of this distinguished honor were listed in Tuesday’s Official State Gazette. Regrettably, the list mistakenly featured Ivana Icardi, sister to Argentine footballer Mauro. The National Sports Council addressed this blunder as a case of human error.

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This incident follows a public apology made by the Spanish Football Federation to the entire football community for the reprehensible conduct of Luis Rubiales. Rubiales, who held the role of Federation President, was suspended following an incident in which he kissed the forward player, Jenni Hermoso, without her consent.

The egregious mistake in the Official State Gazette was rectified in its Wednesday edition, substituting the name of celebrity Icardi with that of Ivana Andres. A notable figure in the sporting world, Andres is not only the captain of the Liga F club Real Madrid but was also instrumental in securing Spain’s first Women’s World Cup victory in Australia and New Zealand in the previous month.

The revised edition of the Gazette further corrected another oversight. Aitana Bonmati, named world-cup player of the tournament and Uefa Player of the Year, had her name inaccurately spelled in the previous edition, which was rectified in the latest issue.