It’s Been A Year, Riverside Pageant Still Planning To Carry On With Show


River Clyde Pageant organization has said they plan to go ahead with the show after their plans were canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This will be the 5th year for this outdoor pageant, which is known for its unique puppetry, music, performance, and Stilt-walkers.

The artistic director, Megan Stewart, said that the show they are doing this year has been in preparation for the last 3 years. She added that in the planning stage, they featured cohorts.

She noted that theirs a performance that aligns very well with current health measures.

The performance will be processional, in which case the audience will witness several scenes in the circuit, Stewart noted during an interview with a local media host.

If existing health measures remain in place, the audience will not exceed 50 persons, down from the normal 200 persons the show attracts.

However, Stewart said that she is happy that they will have a show in the first place. They plan to have 6 shows at two weekends with dates set as 23rd -25th July and 30th July and 1st August.


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