It all Happened in Slow Motion: Driver of Highway 40 Crashed Vehicle Narrates


The Saturday’s multi-car collision on Highway 40, west of Montreal, took away the life of 15-year-old Veronica Gashi. According to Charbel Saliba, it all happened in slow motion. The two had been out enjoying their first spring weather days driving on the highway.

The two-spotted an accident on the side of the highway, and since Gashi was a nice person, it was her idea to stop by and maybe offer some help. Sabila says that they stopped far enough for her security.

The Sabila told her to stay in the car while keeping the keys and on the seatbelt since highways are dangerous. He then went over to check the occupant of the stopped car. After assuming he was okay and on his way back to his vehicle, that when the worst happened.

An incoming car and with a big engine came and hit the car so hard just behind her seat. Sabila went to the window and started screaming while everything was on fire. Sabila says he was able to open the door, but someone warned him of an explosion. A few seconds later, the car exploded right behind him and she died.

“I opened the door, it was really hard to open it. I heard someone say, run it’s going to explode. A few seconds later, the car exploded right behind me. Imagine, if I took my time, I’d be dead with her.”

He soon called 911 and an ambulance approached. They did everything to keep her alive but she died in his arm.

“We put her in the car and started doing everything to keep her alive. Massage cardiac, everything. I did my best, I took her pulse, and she was still there. I had hope. I started to take blood from her mouth, she was bleeding a lot from the mouth.”

Sabila says his days are unbearable. Though people are comforting him, there is no relief to be felt. His plea is that drivers on the road stop speeding.

“My friend, every day they comfort me with flowers and Candice and chocolates. I don’t want anything. I just want people to stop speeding.”


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