Island Psychologist Study Surveys P.E.I Mothers


Island psychologist Susan Hartley is running a survey whose key focus is the mental health care of new and pregnant mothers. She told a local radio host that she would love to hear from mothers who have birthed on the island to determine their experiences and when the birth occurred.

Hartley noted that she hopes to hear both new and old experience and any likely changed that has occurred over time. She added that this would give her the narrative of their experiences from their perspective, which, she noted, is very important in building a perspective.

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Each year, 1300 children are born on the island, so Hartley is looking forward to hundreds of responses to help her build mental health perspective in the field of obstetrics.

Since this survey is not random, the outcome may not have a statistical significance. However, enough responses will allow her to perform a qualitative assessment.

When the study is complete, the public will have a glimpse of the outcome. She hopes the data will be helpful to decision-makers and policy analysts. Apart from her day job as a psychologist, she is at the helm of the P.E.I Party.