Isaute Kirkland compulsory waiver gives them rights to all footage and pics taken on premises


Isaute in Kirkland is a fun place to bring families and communities together through safe active fun. The trouble is you need to sign a waiver that gives Isaute the permission to use any footage/pictures of any minor child on the premises for the rest of time.

The waiver has caused quite a stir on Facebook by one mom who wanted to hold her child’s birthday party at the location.

“I was very disappointed and shocked with the the new iSaute Kirkland when I tried to book my child’s birthday party there,” said Kristin Bird-Lamoureux. “I was told I must sign a waiver allowing pictures of the children invited to the party to be posted on their social media sites and to be used in their advertisements. If I did not sign this waiver or the parents of the invited guest did not sign the waiver, the child in question would not be allowed to use the facilities.”


The compulsory waiver reads as follows:

In the course of using the equipments of iSaute, or of my participation or the one of the Minor Child to the Activities of iSaute, or of my presence or the one of the Minor Child for whom I have legal authority on the premises of iSaute, I acknowledge and accept that shots, photographies and/or videos (known as Footage) be taken of myself or the one of the Minor Child by iSaute any of its employees, representatives, mandataries, agents or any person who’s services are retained by iSaute through their representatives, and this, without any form of payment/compensation. I hereby assign all rights pursuant to any of the Footage, including moral rights, to the beneficiaries, their representatives, mandataries, agents, affiliates, clients and assigns, without limiting the generality of the foregoing and authorize the beneficiaries to archive, modify, edit and join for news, editorial or advertising purposes or other on the Internet or any other media. Consequently, I assign the rights to iSaute to use my likeness and image or that of the Minor Child in its publications on its website, in promotional and marketing tools or in any other media, whether it be digital or printed or other and this, without any form of payment or compensation or need for any other approval or consent and I release all rights to iSaute pertaining to the said Footage. I understand that this Agreement extends forever into the future and will have full force and legal effect each and every time I and/or the Minor Child visit iSaute, whether at the current location or any other location or facility.

You can read the ISaute waiver here


  1. I find it really surprising that this photography clause is causing such a fuss, yet the clause that states: “By signing this Agreement, I acknowledge and accept that the Activities offered by and available at iSauteentail both known and unknown risks that could result in serious injury or death.” So the serious injury or death thing is OK with parents, but PHOTOS are the danger???

    This is a private business, with a right to set whatever policies they want for their establishment and the use of their facilities. If people don’t like the policies, they don’t have to go there. Pretty simple.

    • A few years back my friends son was at a birthday party there and jumped into the foam pit and was taken to the hospital via ambulance because he hurt his neck, thankfully he was ok. I believe there was a very serious injury a year or two ago as well that didn’t turn out so well . There are too many kids jumping and bouncing around too close together it’s not safe


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