Irish Rugby Fan Assaulted in Bordeaux: International Fan Community in Shock


An appalling case emerged from the bustling Saint-Pierre district of Bordeaux when a 37-year old female Irish rugby supporter was reportedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three men after midnight on Rue de la Rousselle. The shocking incident occurred near her residing area during her stay for Ireland’s inaugural World Cup match against Romania. This neighborhood played host to multitudes of Romanian, Irish, English, and Welsh fans over the weekend, courtesy of its accessible location and inviting array of bars and restaurants.

Upon immediate investigation by French law enforcement, an explicit confirmation of the horrendous incident came forward. In collaboration with the French officers, four members from the Gardaí, the national police service of the Republic of Ireland, have been stationed in France throughout the World Cup. Jointly, they are managing the situation.

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The unfortunate victim apprised the authorities of her harrowing ordeal. She recounted her abduction by three men who subsequently carried her to Rue du Puits Descazeaux. Here, according to her statement, the trio violated her and subsequently escaped on foot. Welsh rugby supporters found her lying in the street in her distressed state. They escorted her to her rental accommodation, where law enforcement was alerted by her neighbors.

On arrival, the police found the woman in a state of utter trauma. She was subsequently transported to Bordeaux University Hospital for necessary treatment and medical assessment. A support group known as a personalized assessment of victims, as per French protocols, is addressing her trauma.

The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) conveyed its shock and deepest sympathies in response to the disturbing news. “We desire all our fans to have an enjoyable experience supporting the team in France. Look out for each other and stay safe,” they added.

The Gardaí spokesperson acknowledged the cooperation of the enforcement officers during the investigation of the incident. The Gardaí further affirmed the matter’s jurisdiction to be solely under French authorities.

A heavy mood has descended upon the fan-filled streets of Bordeaux as thousands remain in town for the next Irish game against Tonga. One supporter from Fermanagh expressed her horror, emphasizing the need for extra caution, especially when unfamiliar with a city. Another from Cork recounted hearing the dreadful allegations in a café, expressing her heightening apprehension that has prompted her and her friends to be on high alert. Despite the overwhelming shock, the presence of the Gardaí in France reassured the fans, proving that they are not alone even in a foreign land.