iPhone 15 Pros Face Heat, Bend, and Color-Changing Flaws


The gleaming new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the pinnacle of Apple’s illustrious lineup, have fallen into a quagmire of consumer complaints soon after hitting the market. New owners, captivated by the prospect of acquiring the tech giant’s most expensive device ever created, now find themselves embroiled in a tornado of malfunctions casting shadows over their erstwhile excitement.

Described by disgruntled users as the company’s “most colossal blunder yet”, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are bearing the brunt of a litany of stark criticisms. Overheating, dust accumulation in components, colour changes in the metallic finish, and failure in the infamous ‘bend test’ are some of the chief issues stalking these latest flagships.

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Numerous users find themselves tethered to devices they describe as “searing” after a scant few minutes of use. The “bend test” is clearly a hurdle too high for these pricey devices, priced between $1600 and $3000 in New Zealand. Flipping the devices in their bare hands, users reveal that these smartphones can crack under minimal pressure, while others report a chameleon-like colour change when the phone is not encased.

Technology enthusiast and content creator, Mohit Verma, kicked off the debate around the device’s adverse temperature profiles. On X (the erstwhile Twitter), he awed his followers with his revelation – “The natural titanium iPhone 15 Pro gets incredibly hot, making it challenging to hold. It warms up at hair-raising speed, even after a brief 2-minute FaceTime call or 10 minutes spent scrolling through reels.”

Backing his remarks with a video, Verma displayed the iPhone 15 Pro skyrocketing to a reading of 42C. Interestingly, Verma wasn’t a lone voice ringing out. Several users echoed his grievances about the overheating issue, along with an unusually rapid battery drain.

Adding fuel to the fire, @GeekmanGreg, another X user, predicted, “I have a feeling the iPhone 15 is going to be Apple’s most monumental flop ever.”

Not denying the chameleon-effect reinforced by their consumers, Apple stated that the device could undergo colour changes due to the new material interacting with skin oils. Yet, they reassured their customers that a gentle wipe with a slightly damp cloth would restore the device to its pristine condition.

The teetering tower of issues didn’t end here. The unthinkable occurred when the rear glass of the iPhone 15 Pro Max shattered upon bending. A video clip by Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything revealing this shocking discovery, has garnered a staggering 7.7 million views on YouTube.

While recounting his familiarisation with smartphone durability tests, Nelson stated, “iPhones, especially, do not break. And yet, the footage showed the iPhone succumbing ‘abnormally quick’.”

With countless thorns in their side, Apple now confronted a menacing software glitch in its latest iPhone 15. The models, preloaded with iOS 17.0, experienced an unsettling glitch impeding the transfer of data directly from an older iPhone during setup.

Apple’s swift response came in the form of an updated software fix termed iOS 17.0.2, which aimed to rectify the multitude of issues in the latest iPhone versions.

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