Matt Del Vecchio and Stefanie Cadou today announced their Go Fund Me campaign to provide new iPads for senior’s residences in need.

Many senior’s residences and particularly long-term care homes have had to implement strict visitation policies to prevent the spread of COVID. This has been exceedingly difficult on seniors living in residences and equally difficult for family members who are unable to see their loved ones as often. There has been a surge of video conferencing to bridge the gap and to help with increasing isolation and loneliness.

One of the challenges for seniors residences is the lack of equipment to create a pleasant video conference experience. An iPad is an ideal device to FaceTime or video conference. It can also serve as an excellent tool for activity directors and personnel trying to create a better living experience for their residents through hundreds of apps such as word games, brain teasers, historical events, books, music, etc.

Funds raised will go directly to the purchase of iPads. They will be hand delivered to senior’s residences that will benefit from the generosity of donors. The residence will be made aware of the names of the donors for their specific iPad. Donors can also choose to remain anonymous.

Likewise, donors will be made aware of the exact senior’s residence that received an iPad as a result of their donation.

Our initial goal is to purchase 10 new iPads at a cost of approximately $5,000. 100% of donations go towards the purchase of the iPads as Lianas Senior Transition Support will donate the equivalent of the 2.9% processing fees from Go Fund Me. In addition, Lianas has kickstarted the campaign with a donation of two new iPads. We encourage all contributions whether it is a personal donor or corporate donor. Every dollar counts.

The Go Fund Me campaign can be found at The Go Fund Me campaign can be found at


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