International Travellers arriving in Canada to Pay up to $2,000 for a three Days Stay in Quarantine Hotel


Travelers arriving in Canada will be required to quarantine in a hotel for three days while awaiting their COVID-19 test results. Health Canada is expected to release a list of the hotels approved for quarantine.

Hotels have been crippled financially since the pandemic incept, which shows the industry decline; however, that is about to change. For instance, Baymont Hotel, located near Trudeau Airport, expects to hire back 12 staff members by Monday, according to manager George Chamy.

Chamy said they expect the hotel to be busy and monitor customers’ quarantining using security cameras. Customers will not be allowed out of their rooms, except those going out to smoke.

The hotel will be provided sanitizing kit plus three meals delivered to their room. The meals to be provided will include a selection of kosher, halal, and vegetarian.

Before the beginning of COVID-19, a normal hotel stay could cost less than $ 500 for three days. However, the Canadian government informed those entering the country to expect to pay up to $ 2,000.

Chamy didn’t disclose the specific pricing at his hotel but hinted to those arriving to expect extra cost. He added the increased cost is due to transportation, security, and meals provided.


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