International Tourism Still in a Steep Decline in Las Vegas


Travelers arriving at McCarran International Airport in June stood at 3.8 million, which was an increase from the 3.5 million in the previous month but still below the pre-pandemic levels. International travel remains in a steep decline.

The 3.8 million travelers who arrived and departed from McCarran International Airport is 14.3 percent below the 4.4 million travelers who made their way through the same airport in 2019. Officials use the pre-pandemic data to weigh how the region is emerging from economic difficulties.

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The decline of international travel is a concern for the Southern Nevada economy that relies on tourism. International travelers are considered vital to the recovery of Vegas as they spend more money and stay longer.

International travelers and convention-goers are vital for filling hotel rooms. According to the Clark County Department of Aviation, 53, 402 international travelers arrived at McCarran International Airport in June.

Before the pandemic, in the same month, 327, 127 international travelers used the airport, representing an 83.79 percent decline. From January to June this year, only 181, 629 international travelers have used the airport. That is equal to a 90.2 percent decline of the 1.86 million international visitors who made their way to Vegas in the same period.