International Intelligence Aids Trudeau in Accusing India of Assassination


The collective intelligence gathered by the international alliance known as Five Eyes played a fundamental role in the public allegations made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, implicating the government of India in the assassination of a Canadian citizen. United States Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, confirmed this information in a recent interview.

Prime Minister Trudeau, in addressing the House of Commons, articulated a matter of national security. His statement alluded to “credible allegations” that Indian government agents were behind the death of distinguished Canadian Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, which transpired in June.

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Consequent to this intelligence disclosure, diplomatic rifts have widened, with Canada reconsidering its diplomatic staffing in India and India responding in kind by suspending its visa services for Canadians. Cohen wouldn’t delve into details about the type of intelligence utilised in this investigation, but reinforced the significant role played by the shared intelligence among the Five Eyes partners.

When supplementing the Canadian intelligence data, Cohen acknowledged the substantial dialogue and exchange of information between Ottawa and Washington D.C. Despite a contradictory story emerging from The Washington Post, Cohen dismissed claims of an earlier request for international condemnation of the murder and instead maintained that the revelation was a product of the intelligence alliance.

In keeping with this narrative, Trudeau has affirmed an ongoing collaboration with intelligence agencies. He conveyed that after discussing the situation with allies and India during the G20, he felt compelled to share this information with Canadians. Ambassador Cohen also echoed this sentiment, quoting that the U.S Government takes these allegations seriously and is encouraging India’s cooperation in the investigation.

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