Intensive Search Underway for Missing 9-year-old in Moreau Lake State Park


In the verdant expanse of Moreau Lake State Park, nestled amid New York’s picturesque hardwood forests and rocky ridges, a drama unfolded as a 9-year-old girl named Charlotte Sena vanished on a Saturday evening. A family camping trip abruptly marred by uncertainty, sparking an intensive search involving over a hundred people, according to the state’s governor.

Charlotte, on the cusp of youth, had embarked on a bike ride with her friends during the dwindling light of the day. The brave young girl had wished to undertake one more adventure before the close of the day – one more solitary bike loop, a testament to her growing independence, the governor shared. However, when her return was delayed beyond the expected quarter of an hour, the air grew thick with worry.

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Her parents’ calls echoed through the park, gaining the attention of other campers and soon, a frantic search was underway. The last sighting of Charlotte had been around 6:15 p.m., casting a shadow of concern over the friendly park.

The unsettling discovery of her abandoned bike, found looped around 6:45 p.m., inevitably escalated the situation. A moment later, the authorities were notified and the full weight of the situation began to bear down – Charlotte was officially missing.

Wearing an orange, tie-dyed Pokémon shirt, dark blue pants, black Crocs, and a grey bike helmet, the blonde-haired, green-eyed girl of a little over four feet was described in an urgent appeal launched by the state police.

Subsequently, the following Sunday morning saw the issuance of an AMBER alert. After thorough searches yielded no results, the fear of a possible abduction could not be ignored. The search intensified, incorporating state authorities, aviation and underwater rescue teams, the use of bloodhounds and drones, with technological experts turning their focus to other forms of communication present in the park at that time.

Filial bonds tied Charlotte closer to the heart of the community — she’s the niece of a Schenectady Fire Department member, whose squad is actively assisting in the search.

Governor Hochul reaffirmed the unyielding determination to locate Charlotte, urging anyone with even a fragment of information to reach out immediately. The meticulous investigation was leaving no stone unturned, she promised.

Charlotte, a proactive fourth-grader and newly-elected class officer for the student council, had sent waves of concern rippling through the state. As the situation persisted grimly, the collective sentiment remained hopeful for a reunion and the alleviation of a family’s trauma. Despair and heartbreak hung over the state, but the hope of her safe return continued to flicker brightly.

Moreau Lake State Park spans over 4,600 acres in Saratoga County and is positioned approximately 45 miles north of Albany. Thus, the daunting task of locating a tender-aged girl in its vastness further underscored the urgency and intensity of the search.