Integrity and Ethics report


Laval’s Office of Integrity and Ethics (BIEL) released its annual report at the last meeting of the City Council on April 2. Its 5th year of existence now confirms a comprehensive service offering based on awareness and advice as well as monitoring and investigations.

Here are the highlights of BIEL 2018:

• Training program and ethics awareness workshops for 2000 employees.

• Significant increase in requests for ethics advice from employees.

• Administrative investigations have allowed administrative actions to be taken against offending employees and to ensure contract integrity (through reporting).

• The police operations team coordinated a significant number of security clearance investigations, which surpassed 550 for the year, an increase of more than 43%.

• Reports received: 86.

• Reports transferred to UPAC: 3.

• Requests for Ethical and Management Advice: 47.

• Requests for a Notice of Compliance: 21.

• Investigations of a police nature: 10 (of which 6 completed).

• Investigations of an administrative nature: 73 (of which 53 completed).

“The creation of BIEL is definitely an element of pride. It is the guardian of our restored integrity. I am very satisfied with their record. Now, employees and elected officials have the reflex to consult for advice on complex issues and it is an excellent thing. Its presence ensures the protection, but also the implementation of the best ethical practices at the City,” said the Mayor of Laval, Marc Demers. “I am really proud of this record and the achievements of BIEL, especially as we see in many municipalities the desire to create integrity offices. It is an honor for us to have developed the expertise of a team that is concerned about investigations of this nature. Above all, a team that works upstream of reports by developing training courses, codes of conduct adapted to the reality of employees and elected officials of Laval,” said the director of the Laval Police Service, Pierre Brochet.

Partnership with city of Terrebonne

The year 2018 was an opportunity to develop new partners, including the ratification of an agreement between the cities of Laval and Terrebonne to counter malfeasance and collusion. This agreement aims, among other things, to optimize investigations, share intelligence and deploy concerted preventive measures within municipal services. “The implementation of this partnership sends a clear message to all stakeholders working in the municipal sector of our region. Collusion and corruption are not acceptable or tolerated and we are deploying the necessary efforts to prevent and stop, together, this type of crime, “says Pierre Brochet.

“The decision to create a partnership with BIEL to set up an integrity office for the City of Terrebonne is both economic and strategic. Economical, since it allows the sharing of a large number of resources, such as premises and staff. Strategic, since it allows a sharing of expertise, an effective exchange of contract intelligence and better coordination of investigation files, “said the director of the Police Department of Terrebonne, Mr. Marc Brisson. It invites employees of the City of Terrebonne and citizens to report, from now on, situations that seem inappropriate.

To make a report

It is possible to report an ethics and integrity situation by email to or or by the reporting line at 450 575-BIEL (2435). BIEL ensures the confidential and anonymous treatment of the reports received as well as the protection of the complainant.

Note that the telephone line also allows direct contact with the UPAC to denounce any act of corruption and malfeasance.

To consult the BIEL report visit


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