Inside Out 2 Shatters Records with $295M Global Launch, Revives Hollywood Hopes


Just like that, Hollywood’s summer movie jitters vanished as an air of celebration permeated the weekend with the grand arrival of Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2.” Exhibiting the undeniable charm of animation, the sequel swept a splendid $155 million from theater ticket sales across 4,440 theaters in the U.S and Canada, official studio estimates stated on Sunday.

What makes “Inside Out 2’s” debut truly remarkable is not alone its enormous haul but also its trophy-worthy accomplishments. Ranked second amongst Pixar’s 29 years of film-creating history in terms of opening weekend earnings, it managed to outdo every other 2024 release to become the year’s biggest. Beneath its bountiful showing lies an international acclaim amounting around $140 million, catapulting the global kickoff of “Inside Out 2” to a breathtaking and record-breaking $295 million.

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Disney’s leading man for theatrical distribution, Tony Chambers, though supremely confident about the film’s prospects, seemed taken aback by the phenomenal success. Voicing his viewpoint, Chambers offered, “With top-tier reviews and a tidal wave of audience enthusiasm, the film has taken on a life of its own, soaring past its expected momentum to become a cultural talking point.”

He further pointed out the film’s all-encompassing appeal, finding devotees in a demographically diverse, multigenerational audience. Chambers observed that such breakout hits in this renewed post-COVID era rely heavily on appealing to multicultural spectators.

Pixar is popping the champagne as its return to glory is signified by the triumph of “Inside Out 2,” critically important after a series of launch debacles. This victory reverberates far and wide, pivotal for the broader Hollywood setup and the vitality of theatrical displays, which had been bleeding with a 26% shortfall.

Adding to the excitement, Disney’s “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” held its ground third in its sixth weekend at the box office, racking up a steady $5.2 million and enjoys a total of $374.5 million from the global market. A treasure trove of treats awaits as “Deadpool & Wolverine” prepares for its big unveiling on July 26.

“Inside Out 2,” aptly directed by Kelsey Mann, resumes the story of Riley steering through her teenage emotions. Newcomers Anxiety (Maya Hawke) and Envy (Ayo Edebiri) join Joy’s (Amy Poehler) party, leading to rave reviews and a captivating audience score. Kids with summer freedom and its unchallenged reign until “Despicable Me 4” steps in during the Fourth of July anticipate a long and pleasurable run for “Inside Out 2.”

Although the production incurred a significant cost of an estimated $200 million, the film’s remarkable debut stuns observers as it seems it breaks away from the early expectations of $90 million, which itself would have been a major coup. “This is the game-changer the industry has been holding its breath for,” pronounced Daniel Loria of Boxoffice Pro.

The film comes on a marathon of theater screens—400 IMAX theaters, over 900 premium large format screens, and 2,500 3D screens. This shift strategically distances from Disney’s adjustments to distribute several Pixar films solely on its streaming platform, Disney+, during the pandemic’s reign.

Pixar’s reinvigorated dedication to theater experience coincides with Sony’s “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” occupying the second spot. Despite its sophomore weekend, it drew $33 million, only experiencing a subtle 42% dip from its grand opening.

This turning point seems to steer the summer season towards a more promising direction, though the ticket sales remain down by 28% this summer and 24% over the year. Other mega-films lie in wait, and as theater bosses experience the rekindled life of cineplexes over the weekend, they can’t help but behold the palpable enthusiasm pouring in.

The top ten weekend films, as per Comscore, from Friday to Sunday in U.S and Canadian theaters saw “Inside Out 2” taking the lead. It was followed by “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” $33 million; “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” $5.2 million; “The Garfield Movie,” $5 million; “The Watchers,” $3.7 million; “IF,” $3.5 million; “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” $2.4 million; “The Fall Guy,” $1.5 million; “The Strangers: Chapter 1,” $760,000; and “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” $632,910. The official domestic numbers are expected to be out by Monday.