Injured Reporter Seeks $15.7M over Negligent Road Accident Coverage


A television reporter from CTV Kitchener, Stephanie Villella, who was critically injured during a car crash coverage earlier this year south of Guelph, has taken legal action against multiple parties involved in the incident. The defendants include the elderly motorist who hit her, an anonymous officer from the Guelph Police Service, the collective Guelph Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, and the provincial government.

Villella is seeking an extensive sum of $15.7 million in damages on behalf of herself and her family.

In the incident which took place on March 1, Villella was working at the confluence of Brock Road and Maltby Road. The location had been rendered inaccessible by law enforcement due to an earlier accident when she was hit by a 92-year-old woman driving a sedan. The elderly driver involved in the accident was later charged with careless driving.

The reporter was engaged in documenting a different road accident involving two vehicles that had occurred earlier within the same vicinity.

Villella’s lawsuit argues that she was awaiting within the barricades marking the closed-off roadway when unexpectedly, the aforementioned senior citizen drove through the blockade and hit her.

It is also stated in the lawsuit file that the police officer in charge, responsible for the security of the location, inadequately executed his role in ensuring the road closure. The defendants are accused of negligence, alleging that the officer ought to have foreseen the incompetency of the barricades in keeping vehicles at bay, and his failure to guide the traffic around the cordoned off section properly.

Notably, the lawsuit implicates Ontario Provincial Police, the Guelph Police Service, and the province of Ontario as being indirectly responsible for the officer’s presumed negligence. However, these charges are yet to be substantiated in court.

Within the lawsuit, Villella’s sustained damages are detailed, citing severe injuries, psychological trauma, and emotional and physical ordeal.

The legal document states, “Stephanie’s capability to work and enjoy the satisfaction derived from productivity and societal contribution, as well as family engagement, has been permanently handicapped.”

Furthermore, it emphasized, “following the collision, Stephanie has suffered, and will persistently suffer, pain and agony which has rendered her unable to perform daily activities, partake in outdoor, social, household, sportive, and employment duties as she used to.”

The legal statement elaborately touches on the consequences of the crash, including Villella’s projected income attrition and career derailment, healthcare and rehabilitation costs, personal care, and various emergency and personal expenses. It underscores the financial implications on Villella’s family, mentioning their travel expenses and income loss due to providing care and services to her during her time of recovery.

Lastly, it shares the sentiments of the CTV Kitchener team, who are continually extending their thoughts and well wishes to Stephanie and her family as she embarks on her path to recuperation.


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