Injured Magpies Pursue Premiership Glory in Season 2024, Inspired by Team Spirit


The quest to bring championship glory to those who missed out on Collingwood’s grand final triumph could intensify the Magpies’ pursuit for successive titles, says Jeremy Howe, who is now prepared to address his broken ribs, an injury endured during his team’s hair-raising victory.

Taylor Adams, the vice-captain, has piqued the interest of the Sydney Swans for the upcoming trade period, having been denied his chance at premiership victory due to injury. On reflecting upon this, Howe encouraged his colleague to remain steadfast, for his own opportunity to claim a black and white grand final victory may yet come.

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Nearly a week post the Magpies’ thrilling four-point victory against the Lions, the pain of Howe’s broken ribs became rather pronounced as the adrenaline rush from days of revelry began to recede.

Amid these jubilant moments, Howe, along with captain Darcy Moore, paused to consider team members who, while instrumental in steering the team towards championship victory, were denied their moment due to injuries or non-selection.

Topmost in their minds were Adams, sidelined by a late-season hamstring pull and another right before the preliminary final, and also Dan McStay and John Noble. McStay faced a knee injury in the grand final qualifier while Noble, despite playing every game in 2023, was benched before the team’s inaugural finals win.

Adams, age 30, who is under contract for another year, is purportedly being considered by Sydney to strengthen their midfield roster during the trade season.

Whilst reveling in the triumph of their win, Howe suggested the aspiration for the 2024 season would be to offer the missing trio, and others like them, the taste of premiership glory. That, according to him, would drive the team’s thrust into the next season.

Howe proclaimed, “To go and get another one, I feel like for the guys who didn’t get it, that’s the greatest driver for me…those are the guys who I am drawn to and it would be nice to get them one.”

The disappointment faced by those players was palpable in victory’s aftermath, and they had been proffered all possible support by their triumphant counterparts.

Moore reflected, “There’s been lots of chats and they have been amazing, they are so happy for us…their enormous contribution to our season was invaluable, we wouldn’t have done it without them and their impact will never be forgotten.”

In further news, Howe has decided to seek treatment for his ribs this Friday, with sufficient time on his side for a preparatory pre-season healing.

“I’ve got plenty of time to get them right,” he concedes, “Us old blokes don’t go back until after Christmas. They look after the old guys and I’ll be taking every bit of it.”

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