Infinite Callings Conference at JAC encourages teens to do what makes you happy


by Rhonda Massad

On April 16, John Abbott College (JAC) hosted it’s first ever full day Infinite Callings conference geared to high school students.  The mission of the conference was to show youth in the community that the sky is the limit when it comes to career choices and that it is a positive thing to have more than one goal at a time.

According to one of the five organizers, JAC student, Lucia De Luca more than 65 people attended the conference from various high schools.

“I wanted to promote the idea that it is ok to be unsure of what you want to do in the future,” De Luca explained. “I also wanted to be let young adults know it was fine to do more than one thing.  I find that the school process tries to force you down one career path and to stick with it.  I want to do more than one thing with my career.”John Abbott College, Zach Fenlon, West Island Blog, WIB, Montreal, Life with Soran

Zach Fenlon, recently graduated from JAC spoke to a room filled with young minds about his  hopes to blend all his passions in his work life. He encouraged them to do the things that made them happy not necessarily the things they should be doing.

“I am not sure exactly what I want to do with my life but I hope to combine all kinds of things,” Fenlon said.  “I love film, I love being creative and working with people with special needs.  I would love to be able to incorporate that into my career.”

Speaker Sean Aiken from “One Year, One Man, 52 Jobs” shared his journey of doing 52 jobs in one year as a way to tap into his career passion.  He tried everything from pizza chef to real estate on his year long quest.

Price to participate in the conference was $10. Attendees heard speeches from student and adult speakers and participated in interactive workshops.


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