Infamous Casino Fraudster Agrees to Plea, Faces Heavy Fine and Jail Time


Erik Gutierrez-Martinez, a 23-year-old man infamous for acting as the proprietor of downtown Las Vegas’ Circa Resort and Casino, manipulating staff into parting with more than a million dollars, has settled on a plea agreement. After admitting to theft offenses, Gutierrez-Martinez is now required to compensate not only Circa but also the Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite. Upon this agreement, additional allegations that weighed against him were dispelled.

The scheme was as audacious as it was intricate. Data provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reveal that Gutierrez-Martinez, under a disguise, reached out to an anonymous individual on June 17, asserting that he was the hotel’s rightful owner. He went as far as to convey a sense of urgency, requiring the cashier cage supervisor to extract $320,000 as a crucial payment for the fire department to secure safety devices against fire accidents.

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Obliging under the presumed emergency, the supervisor withdrew the money and handed it over to a nameless individual waiting in a van at a nearby gas station. This was not an isolated event; the sequence was repeated twice more, eventually amassing to a staggering total of $1,170,000.

Law enforcement officers tracked down Gutierrez-Martinez, identified as the van’s driver, subsequent to his clandestine meeting with the employee, where he relieved them of the cash. A scrutinizing search of his residence unearthed $849,000 stored as cash bundles marked with the name “Circa”.

He now awaits a potential sentence ranging between one year and ten years under the Nevada Department of Corrections’ custody aside from a potential fine that could soar up to $10,000. His sentencing hearing has been scheduled for the 30th of October.

As the legal proceedings follow their course, this unusual case sheds light on the several risks and utility of proper legal knowledge within the realm of casinos and their operations. For those who have a penchant for online gambling or plan to venture into it, it’s imperative to understand the legalities and intricacies involved. If you are interested in knowing more or exploring the world of online casinos, you can visit this page, which lists the best online casinos for the current month.