Industry Minister Champions Progressive Approach to Food Price Stability


The complex task of stabilizing food prices isn’t akin to a simple flick of a switch, warned Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne. In announcing the pact with key grocers this week, he stated unequivocally that achieving steady prices will require a progressive, rather than an instantaneous, approach.

Minister Champagne and the federal government made earlier assurances to address surging grocery costs, an essential topic that has evoked widespread public concern. Against an established deadline, the CEOs of Canada’s leading five grocery chains were urged to devise a solid plan to stabilize food prices by Thanksgiving.

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Champagne’s recent announcement offered shoppers a glimpse of solace, with promises of soon-to-come actions by grocers, such as price freezing, price matching, and product-specific discounts. While measurable outcomes weren’t specified, consumers eagerly await visible evidence of this plan’s successful implementation.

The minister also underlined that the stabilization process is projected to extend over several months. The Thanksgiving target was the deadline for the conception of a strategic plan, not the realization of stable prices.

A year ago, food inflation saw an unprecedented rise of 11.4%, signifying the highest year-over-year acceleration in over 40 years. While the rate has since tapered to 6.9% in August, it continues to exceed headline inflation which stood at 4% for the same period.

In a progressive move, the Liberals are advancing amendments to Canada’s Competition Act via Bill C-56. Known as the Affordable Housing and Groceries Act, it seeks to enhance protections for Canadians in regards the competition in the country’s grocery sector.

Moreover, intentions to establish a grocery “code of conduct” are underway, a measure designed to uphold fairness and transparency in the sector.

Addressing concerns about the government’s belated actions towards the rising food prices now seemingly on a downward trend, Minister Champagne clarified that the matter transcends “credit.” His focus remains firmly fixed on the common good, encouraging grocery chains to serve the public more effectively, and urging them to embark on necessary actions without delay.

Unfazed by the Liberals’ waning popularity in the polls indicated by recent data from Nanos Research, Minister Champagne asserts his government’s commitment lies in responding to public concerns, not political gains.

Spotlighting his government’s recent measures, Champagne highlighted that this task was never about chasing poll numbers, but a necessity propelled by the voices of citizens. Reiterating the resilient spirit of continued action, the Minister emphasized that the journey to lower prices is an ongoing one shared globally, and they are light years away from calling it an accomplished mission.