Industry Minister Calls for United Response to High Grocery Prices


François-Philippe Champagne, the Industry Minister, has touted cooperation with the Canadian administration as a strategic move for grocery leaders in their quest to balance food prices. This stance was reiterated as he held discussions with them over the course of the ongoing week.

The issue of high grocery prices which has been gripping the nation, led to an urgent summit with the CEOs of Canada’s major grocery chains last week. This week, Champagne extended his discussions to international and domestic manufacturing firms, communicating with them on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

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Speaking on the issue, the Minister was quoted saying, “Inaction is not an option.” He highlighted the complexity of the system leading to skyrocketing food prices, stating that bringing down costs is not a responsibility solely up to grocers. However, they are held in the shared hands of multinational organizations – the ones he met with throughout the week.

Champagne proposed a “team Canada” approach to the food supply chain to the grocery industry leaders. He asserted that collaborating with the government to even out prices would be to their advantage and benefit. He also candidly voiced the same frustration that Canadians feel regarding the rising prices. His stern message was that Canadians expect these leaders to be part of a much-needed solution.

His assertion wasn’t in vain, as his appeal on behalf of Canadians was warmly received. He lauded the leaders for recognizing the struggles faced by Canadians and being supportive of the government’s initiative. He was optimistic about their eagerness to be part of the solution.

Even Michael McCain, the executive chairman of Maple Leaf Foods, who was part of the meeting on Tuesday, lauded its constructive nature. He added, “The solutions are under construction, but everyone is committed.”

In another effort to combat high prices, the federal government has laid down a challenge to grocery giants to devise a plan that stabilizes food prices by Thanksgiving.

Last week, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland proposed a new legislation aimed at overhauling Canada’s competition laws and abolishing the GST from new housing projects, hoping these measures would induce a decrease in the cost of groceries and homes.

Refuting the government’s measures, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh criticized the proposed changes in Freeland’s bill as “toothless” and held the Liberals responsible for their delayed reactions.

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