Indie Supergroup Fizz Redefines Pop Music with Theatrical Flair and Unshackled Creativity


Once serving merely as a means to vent frustration inside their studio, Fizz has now blossomed into an accomplished indie supergroup, courtesy of Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland, joined by her musical comrades Dodie Clark, Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown. Over the past decade, each member has savored individual pursuits and enjoyed varying degrees of success, with Orland and Dodie releasing top 10 albums. However, the quartet discovered that the music industry can tend to be quite a lonesome realm when one is navigating it solo, given the mounting pressure to craft, market, generate funding and accumulate opportunities.

Working so diligently and for an extended duration on their personal projects escalated the stress, causing them to feel more like tasks than enjoyable endeavours, shares Martin. Wishing for a change of pace, the group conceived plans to take a metaphorical musical vacation. The team booked a studio in Devon and let loose their creativity.

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Over a fortnight, they crafted an entire album spontaneously, utilizing all the hues in their creative palette to generate a vibrant, playful pop sound, unconstrained by the normative algorithms of streaming platforms. They aimed to maintain the purity of their collaborative process, devoid of considerations about the probable playlist for their music. The freedom this approach offered was liberating, and naturally, it sparked a torrent of inventive ideas. Everything happened quickly, and instinct guided their music-making, remarks Orla, explaining the sense of utter joy imbued in their melodies.

Their producer, Pete Miles, played a vital role in encouraging the group’s artistic growth, urging them to experiment with previously unfamiliar instruments. The members recorded their vocals collectively, a deviation from the standard protocol of isolating each voice for a clear recording. Greta appreciated this approach, considering it a means to capture the unique collective energy of the group. It even led her to whimsically adopt the persona of “two old ladies” while providing backing vocals for their single, “High In Brighton”.

Fizz has managed to channel their collective attributes into their music in a way that never dilutes their individual uniqueness, a phenomenon which hasn’t always occurred with past supergroups. The pre-existing group dynamics between Dodie, Greta and Martin, as well as their previous collaborations, may have contributed to this harmony. This intimate understanding of each other’s styles pushed the members to be audacious, confident and daring, shares Orla.

The raw, candid, and occasionally hilariously quirky themes of their songs show the unconstrained creativity that guided Fizz’s songwriting process. “Strawberry Jam” illustrates the joy of afternoon tea, while “Hell Of A Ride” narrates a doomsday prepper’s tale. Amidst the playful chaos, “As Good As It Gets” stands out as a stinging retort to being undermined and having one’s opinions dismissed, a sadly familiar experience for the female musicians of Fizz.

The song, born out of mutual rebellion against belittling experiences, proved to be an emotional release for them. Greta describes singing it as a moment of genuine self-assertion and catharsis. After ending the two-week studio session, the members were unsure where their music was headed. However, once mixed, they were eager to share this vibrant output that had sprung forth from their uninhibited creative process.

Fizz made their public debut at the Great Escape Festival in May and soon signed to Decca Records. Their debut album set to release in October, and their vivacious, upbeat, and eye-catchingly colorful aesthetic has begun attracting fans. For Orla, the band’s probably impact is about encouraging people to be creative and express themselves extravagantly and audibly. The group is keen to bring back the theatricality in pop music.

Martin underscores this, reflecting on his own longing as a child to become immersed in the magic of shows, which invited people to escape into a different world. The ethos of Fizz is about offering fans the same sensation, providing an experience that is less about cool detachment and more about revelling in collective joy.