Indian Student Battles Unpaid Wages as Cleaning Company Scrubbi Shuts Down


Hailing from India, Nakul Saggar, an ambitious international student, shares his home with seven other roommates. As a part-time employee of the Surrey-based Scrubbi cleaning company, the 19-year-old battled to balance his responsibilities towards both his education and job.

Although he initially joined the company in May, by the time September rolled around, he realized he wasn’t receiving the financial remuneration he was promised. Saggar now calculates that the company owes him approximately $2,000.

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“This amount significantly impacts my financial stability,” admitted Saggar. “I rely on it to meet my educational expenses, pay my rent, and cover my car insurance.”

Despite his numerous attempts to ask about his missing pay, Scrubbi chose to turn a deaf ear towards his inquiries. Ironically, Saggar continues to receive scheduling reminders for cleaning assignments from the company.

As per a recent revelation from a high-ranking Scrubbi employee, news of the company’s shutdown was announced by CEO Daniel Deckert. A visit to the empty Surrey-based head offices of Scrubbi by journalists reinforced this news. However, this shutdown is not reflected on the company’s operational website.

Saggar is not alone in his predicament. He’s amongst a multitude of cleaning contractors alleging that they are owed large sums of money by Scrubbi. The housecleaning marketplace initially blamed bank-related issues for their delayed payments.

Customers of Scrubbi who prepaid for an entire year of services are also calling out the company. They have claimed losses in the thousands after failed cancellation and refund requests.

Simone Lis, a representative of the Better Business Bureau, highlights the difficulty customers faced in obtaining refunds due to their prepaid services. Scrubbi received an F rating after accumulating 34 complaints within a three-year period.

Geoffrey Dabbs, a bankruptcy lawyer, revealed that Scrubbi hasn’t filed for bankruptcy as of the previous Thursday evening. Nonetheless, he suggests that it’s quite likely to happen considering the magnitude of the company’s operation and the need for an organized resolution.

He asserts that contracted cleaners and customers might confront obstacles in securing compensation due to Scrubbi being required to settle its liabilities with the tax department and the bank first.

“Unsecured creditors, including contractors and customers, unfortunately, find themselves at the bottom of the payout priority list,” stated Dabbs.

Efforts to reach out to CEO Daniel Deckert remain unsuccessful even after several attempts to email the company over the past two weeks.