InceptionLRT v2 Launches with Genesis Merger, Token Event Imminent


Dubai, UAE, May 6th, 2024, Chainwire—InceptionLRT v2, a pioneering Liquid Restaking SuperDapp within the EigenLayer ecosystem, is launching with enhanced capabilities following a strategic merger with GenesisLRT. This launch sets the stage for an imminent token generation event and a community airdrop.

This industry-first integration combines native and isolated liquid restaking in one seamless application, offering an unprecedented approach to DeFi investments. InceptionLRT’s newest version positions itself as a leading protocol in the field, unveiling significant innovations in how DeFi users can manage and compound their investments across multiple blockchains.

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Pedro Verdades, one of InceptionLRT’s co-founders, emphasized the importance of the new protocol upgrades: “In merging with GenesisLRT, we’re not just combining forces, but synergizing our visions and expertise to forge an unparalleled Restaking powerhouse. This strategic step marks a pivotal moment in our journey, propelling InceptionLRT v2 to new heights of innovation and accessibility. – Infinite sum games.”

InceptionLRT v2 boasts robust features, including a strong omnichain presence, enhanced security through Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), and instant liquidity via the flash unstake feature. The platform provides a unified access point for a variety of Liquid Restaking Tokens, each with distinct risk profiles, averting dilution seen in aggregated approaches.

A standout feature of the protocol is its reward system, which enables users to gain additional benefits such as EigenLayer Points and Totems, thereby increasing the attractiveness and value of their investments. Further, InceptionLRT v2 ensures optimal operation and security through partnerships with top-tier ETH node operators and rigorous audits by leading security firms.

Looking ahead, InceptionLRT v2 aims to expand its services by deploying native tokens on EVM-compatible chains and increasing its scope across L2 and L3 chains. Alongside the development of an xERC20-standard bridge, InceptionLRT v2 strives to enhance DeFi composability, providing users with lower costs and more streamlined experiences.

The platform’s forthcoming updates include omnichain capabilities and flash unstaking options. It will also continue GenesisLRT’s initiatives, such as offering insurance against slashing risks, with further details yet to be disclosed. New features like the NFT Marketplace and Tailored Operators Selection are expected to launch later this year. Moreover, the governance model using the veModel Framework will allow $ING token holders to influence protocol development, encouraging engagement and incentivizing liquidity providers to create a more interactive ecosystem.

InceptionLRT’s grand vision is to lead the liquid restaking sector by dynamically adapting to the evolving needs of the DeFi community and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. As the first comprehensive product in the EigenLayer ecosystem, InceptionLRT v2 aims to revolutionize DeFi investment strategies, making them more rewarding and elaborate.

Born from the merger of InceptionLRT and GenesisLRT, participants can anticipate news about the token generation event, along with insights on the community airdrop, which are expected soon.

João Simões, a co-founder at Genesis, expressed his enthusiasm about the merger: “By bringing the re-staking capability of all LSTs and adding native re-staking, on top of all our special features, such as DVT, Omni-chain, and flash-unstake we are now witnessing the creation of the first LRT Super APP, and I could not be more excited about bringing this product to light!”

InceptionLRT is leading the Liquid Restaking revolution in decentralized finance, providing groundbreaking solutions for everyday users. By enabling users to restake their Liquid Staked ETH for Layer 2 rewards while maintaining liquidity, InceptionLRT improves capital efficiency and maximizes returns. The platform supports various staked ETH tokens and partners with EigenLayer to unlock additional rewards for stakers.