The inaugural year of the Saint-Lazare Festival au Galop took place on August 7, 8 and 9, 2015 and attracted over 10 000 festivalgoers. Saint-Lazare succeeded in booking the only appearance in Quebec in 2015 of the RCMP Musical Ride and took advantage of the opportunity to create a region-wide equestrian festival.

“The first equestrian festival in Saint-Lazare was a great success and we passed the test with flying colours! ‘Wow’ was written all over everyone’s face during the presentation of the Musical Ride! Hearty thanks to all the festivalgoers, exhibitors, artists and all those who made the festival possible. It will be back next year on the first weekend in July 2016!“ Pamela Tremblay, President of Saint-Lazare Festival au galop.

The 3-day program showcased horses of every type and in all disciplines. Everyone was awestruck by the instructional workshops, horse-hugging sessions, equestrian performances and demonstrations, including horse-ball, gymkhana and carriage driving.

For this first year, the Festival was privileged to host many distinguished guests, including the prestigious RCMP Musical Ride and its 36 riders, singer Yoan Garneau, winner of the 2014 La Voix competition, Charles-Étienne Ménard, acclaimed artistic coach for Cavalia, the Canadian Horse-ball Team, the Société d’attelage du Bas-Canada and the Club d’attelage de Saint-Lazare.

Philanthropic mission accomplished

A sum of $ 40,000 for the Care Mission of the Cedars Cancer Centre plus $2,000 for Centre Équestre thérapeutique Marie Laurence. Each year, the Festival intends to call upon the generosity of festival goers to support local and regional causes through the sale of tickets for the RCMP Musical Ride and Centre Équestre thérapeutique Marie Laurence in Sainte-Justine-de-Newton through voluntary donations in certain parking lots near the sites.


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