Impending Senators Owner Andlauer Ignites Preseason Excitement at Charity Golf Tournament


The Ottawa Senators Charity Golf Tournament on Tuesday was replete with luminaries from the National Hockey League, yet the most compelling figure was the impending owner of the Senators, Michael Andlauer. For the first time since his announcement as the prospective new team owner, Andlauer spoke publicly on this auspicious day, emphasizing his anticipation to engage fully with his new role.

Andlauer’s inaugural appearance was emblematic of his eagerness to assume his position and participate in the team’s affairs without year-long procrastination, despite the ownership transfer process pending completion.

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In his view, the gravity of his impending role didn’t warrant a year’s waiting. Andlauer spoke with conviction about the completion of the transaction by the end of the week, emphasizing his commitment to the team despite not officially assuming ownership yet.

Andlauer also highlighted that he didn’t wish to bypass the opportunity to advocate for the Senators Community Foundation, address the media, and greet the legion of Senators fans preceding the preseason’s formal commencement.

With the advent of a new training season and players poised to gear up for the same, Andlauer expressed his elation about being part of the bubbling excitement in Ottawa.

Infecting others with his fervor, Senators’ captain, Brady Tkachuk, stated that Andlauer’s enthusiasm permeates the team signaling unanimity in ambitions and expectations. Tim Stützle, the team’s forward, hails Andlauer for his substantial contribution and robust support so far.

This weekend marks the beginning of Ottawa’s preseason games with a face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs slated for Sunday.

The regular season beckons on Oct 11, with a thrilling match in Carolina. Oct 14 holds the much-awaited spectacle for fans when the Senators host Philadelphia.

This season brims with towering expectations, whilst the team harbors hopes of avoiding any early return to the golf course. Comments from Tkachuk and Stützle resonate with an appetite for victory as they express unprecedented excitement for the upcoming season and a resolute commitment to adding more winning feathers to the team’s cap.