Immunization Rates Sore, Thoughts Shifting To Re-Opening


Provinces across Canada have reported about 900 infections each day, however, in remote territories with tiny communities, infection numbers have had a huge impact on people’s lives.

Now that the region’s immunization rate has soared past 70 percent, thoughts are shifting to re-opening as is the case in the south.

Since COVID-19 hit, only 901 infections have been registered so far in the three areas.

Most of the infections are traveler-related and involve family members. Despite its link with the south, Yukon has had very few outbreaks, just 87 during the early days of the pandemic.

Other territories have had a tough time. Nunavut and the NWT have experienced major infection outbreaks, which paralyzed life in various communities.

Despite the setbacks, people in the north have had a little more freedom compared to their counterparts in the south. They are able to dine in public with their friends and can shop in a number places without masks.

Yukon is setting the pace and has approved large gatherings and allowing vaccinated immunized persons to travel freely. However, health officials are still in the second phase of a four-phase re-opening program.

Nunavut health officials have said they wish to peg re-opening programs on relaxing of measures or immunization uptake in the north region. The territories noted they will issue an update in the coming week.

The transition to a much more relaxed living is expected to bring hope that things will normalize. Travel was a huge part of most people in the north.

However, there are some hidden costs associated with the isolation that authorities are looking into. Last year, some doctors in Yellowknife signed a petition voicing their concerns regarding the impact that isolation has on substance abuse, domestic violence, and finances.


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